Lug 18 2006, 1:33

I played a show last night at the Gallery 1412 in Seattle with Andrew Carrico. It was just a saxophone duo performance with a lot of free improvisation and several of my own compositions. Namely 9a, 9d, 39d, and 42d. Hopefully I'll put up some recordings of the performance on my website before the end of the summer.

We covered Peace and Epistrophy. We also did an improvised tribute to our dear friend Rob Hanlon.

Since I lost all of the music on my hard drive I am limited to a very small selection of music right now. This has actually turned out to be a very healthy thing for me though. Lately I've been trying to listen to Shooby Taylor and Wesley Willis as much as possible.

Also.... my new exciting discovery is that Rob Fisk and Greg Saunier of Deerhoof went to Mill's College in Oakland where they studied with Fred Frith. Needless to say, they claim that Frith had a strong influence on them while they were there.

That is awesome.


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