Concerts I've been to


Mar 28 2007, 18:37

Bands I've seen in concert (from best to worst):
.38 Special - my favorite band, they kicked all kinds of ass, every song was utter perfection
Ted Nugent - the greatest guitarist by far that I've ever seen, and very politically incorrect, he's my idol
Blackfoot - a lot better than I expected, 2 good guitars and a cool old Indian guy on bass
Molly Hatchet - the lead guitar was fantastic, the rest of the band paled in comparison but they were pretty good
Toto - they rocked out but just couldn't stand up to the southern rock bands I've seen, however the black guy with his four keyboards surrounding him was the definition of cool
Styx - flamingly gay (except for Tommy Shaw on guitar) but they rocked pretty hard
The Rolling Stones - probably would have been better if I hadn't been up in the nosebleeds, but at least I can say I saw them
Cheap Trick - pretty good, the 5-necked guitar was pretty cool
The B-52s - they kinda sucked
Franz Ferdinand - they sucked all around except for that one song in Guitar Hero, and there was some other talentless band at that concert, I forget their name, but they sucked even worse


  • trekkietrum

    Yeah, that Cheap Trick concert was pretty good; but considering it was free... I'd have to elevate it to being really good. Definitely the best free concert I've ever been to!

    Mar 29 2007, 2:26
  • olpaintycanstev

    Uncle Ted rules.

    Apr 1 2007, 17:50
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