The top 10 Norwegian vocal gods!


Ago 19 2010, 23:09

Here's a list of the best Norwegian singers. These guys make me proud to be a Norwegian!

1. Nils K. Rue - Pagan's Mind
Genre (s): ,

Nils Rue has an enormous range, a well-trained melodic voice with a wide specter, and he can scream better than most vocalists in his league. Like a crossover between Rob Halford and James LaBrie. A wonderful singer with an amazing voice!

2. Jørn Lande - Jorn, Masterplan, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Avantasia
Genre(s): , , , ,

Jørns powerful voice is already legendary, and his status as the "new Coverdale" has made him a star worldwide, and his popularity is rising every day. His voice is full of punch, power and heaviness. A true voice of rock!

3. Michael Eriksen - Circus Maximus

Michael has a very clean, melodic and plain beautiful voice with a wide range and a huge potential. He is one of Norways hidden diamonds. His voice is relaxing and soft, and fits the powerful prog metal of Circus Maximus perfectly!

4. Roy Sætre Khan - Kamelot, Conception
Genre(s): , , Symphonic Metal

Khan also has the soft voice, but he also has a touch of opera in it. His operatic style fits the theatrical music of Kamelot, and his voice is calming and very relaxing.

5. Jan Thore Grefstad - Saint Deamon, ex- Highland Glory
Genre(s): ,

Jan Thore's extremely powerful high-pitched voice is in the league of singers like Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen, Hansi Kürsch and even Bruce Dickinson. Powerful and thrilling!

6. Morten Harket - a-ha
Genre(s): , ,

Morten Harket is a natural born vocal-talent, and with his soft and calming voice he certainly deserves a place among the greatest.

7. Simen Hæstnes/ISC Vortex - Ex Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Borknagar
Genre(s): , , , , ,

Most known from Dimmu Borgir, and his operatic and very powerful voice is well-known to most extreme metal fans. He is also and opera-singer in the Norwegian opera, and he has also played in various metal bands.

8. Athera - Susperia
Genre (s): l, ,

Athera is perhaps one of the most underrated singers in the world. He has a kickass thrashy voice with melodic undertones in it, and he fits perfectly in the raw, brutal metal of Susperia!

9. Thorbjørn Schei (Thebon) - Keep of Kalessin
Genre(s): , , ,

Half-growl with melodic tones, and also very underrated. Thebon's voice is perfect for Keep of Kalessins epic and melodic extreme metal-theater. Full of strenght and power!

10. Åge Sten Nilsen - Wig Wam
Genre(s): , , , ,

Åge Sten Nilsen has a very strong, high pitched voice like the singers had back in the 80's. He reminds of a younger, more aggressive Vince Neil crossed with the power screams of Rob Halford.

Well, there it is. The finest of the Socialist Kingdom!


  • Svarte_Vidder

    Veldig bra sangere list! Enig med dæ;D

    Ago 27 2010, 22:49
  • Wonderglue

    Not a good list IMO,but Simen is good despite my hatred towards Dimmu. Also,where is Garm?

    Ago 29 2010, 3:18
  • Izzystone

    Not a good list? Every vocalist here is really good at what they do. Garm is a decent singer, but I like him way more as a musician.

    Ago 29 2010, 19:01
  • Wonderglue

    I said in my opinion,i didn't say they weren't good. But obviously there are much better singers. And Garm deserves a place here,he is both a great musician and a great vocalist.

    Ago 29 2010, 22:58
  • Izzystone

    Obviously there are not. When it comes to range, technical skills and purity these are actually the best that exist in Norway, and that's objectively seen. In YOUR opinion there are better singers, but these are the best when it comes to skills. Garm is decent, but his keyboard skills are his true talent.

    Ago 29 2010, 23:14
  • NatassjaEternal

    This is your opinion. Have you seen others?

    Set 16 2010, 21:00
  • StormLightsBane

    Nice, finally somone who knows Thebon, the guy's vocals simply rule!

    Set 29 2010, 18:27
  • Neue_regel_

    Vortex & Garm off the list ?? Are you serious?

    Dic 4 2010, 21:42
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