Bands and artists I've seen live through the years!


Mar 27 2010, 17:22

A little complication of the bands and artists I've seen live over the past few years. The list is not that long yet. I live in an isolated place and it's expensive to travel!

Bands I love/like:

Iron Maiden - Also met Janick Gers
Dream Theater - Also met Jordan Rudess
Mark Knopfler
Opeth x2 - Met the band both times
Sonata Arctica - Met 4 of 5 members!
Circus Maximus - Met the band
Enslaved - Also met 3 of 5 members
Pagan's Mind - met the band!
Jorn x3 - Partied with the whole band twice.Jørn Lande got me drunk! xD
TNT x3 - Met Ronni Le Tekrö
Steps Ahead - Met the whole band
Dimmu Borgir - met Vortex and Galder
Øysten Sunde - met him
Halvdan Sivertsen x3 - also met
Lauren Harris
Moddi - Pål Moddi is a friend of mine! ^^
Eliksir - She is my aunt !
El Caco x 2
Turbonegro x2 Also met Hank and Happy Tom
Vanishing Point - Met the whole band!
Wig Wam - Met the band!
Madrugada Met Sivert høyem
Sivert Høyem - Yeah
Big Elf - Met the band!

Bands I have no relationship to/have a neutral view at:

Avenged Sevenfold
Blood Tsunami - met the bass player
HIM - met the band
Tungtvann x3 - met the band
Maria Haukaas Storeng - met her!

Bands I didn't like:



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