Review For the Radio #5: Simon Dawes - Carnivore


Set 5 2006, 23:39

Simon Dawes – Carnivore (Record Collection)

Simon Dawes is a big band with a little name. With influences obviously coming from the early rock’n’roll bands such as The Beatles and The Kinks, Simon Dawes bring a common but much welcomed flavor to the indie music scene. They have a severe advantage to all the bubblegum poppy rock bands coming from their same neck of the woods having a much better song-writing capability and an even better attitude behind the music. Carnivore has a pop sensibility about it but only in the way that The Who or even Pavement have the same. Considerable mention must go towards what I think they sound the most like and that is Spoon. The majority of the songs have a certain mash-up quality but not like Wolfmother’s Led Sabbath mixture or Jet’s Stones-everything mixture. Simon Dawes keep their own traits present throughout while giving a good homage to their predecessors and heroes.
For fans of: The Beatles, The Kinks, Spoon, Pavement, The Fall

Suggested tracks:

2. The Awful Things – A big bouncy beat that get you to dance and clap your hands along.

3.Salute the Institution – A bit of Bowie and a bit of Floyd with dirty distortion.

7. Have a Heart – The most upbeat song on here, guitar riff reminds me of Eagles of Death Metal with a touch of piano.

10.Behind the Bleachers – Pounds along with sweet chords and a bop bop background vocal chorus. Definitely a reach back in time.
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