• Fuck you all.

    Nov 10 2011, 8:00

    I hate this site for how conscious it makes me of what I listen to as it appears to others. I don't give a single fuck about what either of you think. Or any future "friends" on this site. I'm using this for the information about the artists and for my own records. I don't use my radio as much anyway, so I am not worried about even composition. I will listen to whatever the hell I want to because I love music. It is as simple as that. No more hipster bullshit. Fuck. You. Hipsters.
  • Meet The Residents

    Ago 24 2011, 5:42

    Tonight is my first listen to this incredible album. What strikes me is how sculpted it is. How absolutely, utterly perfect, down to the last "out of tune" note. It's... inspiring.