Gen 23 2007, 20:20

A wicked and a very weird song which has a pretty fast pace.Owen Pallet is known for his song's weird compositions.This Lamb Sells Condos is my fave song from his HE POOS LOUDS LP.The best parts of this song are the piano playing and the kids choir at the end of the song.Very interesting and unordinary track this is,but I like it.No 41 of 2006,not bad i guess for FF.

Discovered this british nu-post-rock band at i was surprised how did i find such an interesting band at that poor site.iLiketrains are special,,their Ep is good.This is my fave song from their EP.It builds a melancholic feeling,that grows into powerful energy.Great guitar play and nice vocals.I'm loving the 'chess play' lyrics before the chorus.So this would be my favourite post-rock song of 2006

40)Archie Bronson Outfit-DEAD FUNNY
So here's is one of my favourite tracks of 2006.I love the style of music Archie Bronson guys play.This song is like a mix of art rock but with a heavy rock 'n roll flavour.Quite funny lyrics for such a indie rock song.The lead singer is singing:'I am a disco dancer'being a disco dancer while playin' quite heavy guitar riffs. ha ha.But anyway this tune is special,i need to check out their whole album and u too.Oh and Archie Bronson guys sound really similar to The Black Keys

Ha now this is interesting.Never thought that Morrisey makes such catchy songs at his age.Guess i should think twice.This tune remind me of Hector,who was the first of the gang to die.Morrisey makes great songs based on the mafia plots.The kids's choir fits in perfect,the whole song is so nice flowing,and what a terrific 'ya di da' singing at the end.Give Morrisey some credit

Whoo,a great energetic indie pop song,i would say it's a 'heavy'indie pop track not like the other ones.Didn't dig the band earlier,but then they became so cool to me,especially this song.Always listen carefully to the lead singer's voice,it transfrom and deformates some 3-5 times,from screaming to high notes.The lead singer is a pro,but the guys singing in the back are adding more flavour to this track,it sounds so retro,and so in.Gosh no wonder their album is one of the year's best

37)iForward Russia-TWELVE
Full throttle massive energy and crazy high notes that make u feel like the leader singer doesn't know how to sing.But the drive and the fastness of this song really give you a huge boost.If u have seen this song's video at the PUKKELPOP festival u would see that the singer not only manages to sing out the notes perfectly but also tries to choke himself using the microphone wire.Great talent there lad.Anyway a nice quick song,don't try to hear the lyrics just let your attention catch the riffs and the drums.

Make way,the new 'Interpol' have arrived.Yeah right,I'm just kidding.But this track Anti-Anti has a strange Interpol feeling.First when i got hold of this track i just listened to it some 5-7 days a day,but then it just became a simple song for me.Although the beginning is faboulous and the band slightly is lacking at the end.For all Interpol lovers,this track will be good to hear.The first 30 seconds of the song are brilliant,and i dig the lyrics and the style of singing,as if the singer is fatigue,so that's a just a plus.

35)Band of Horses-THE FUNERAL
Oh now this one is worth something more.I loved this song at the beginning of the year.EVerything All The Time was released in february if i'm not mistaken.That time i loved this one,such a great song,love the vocals(the singer has some kind of kiddish voice)and the chorus.Wonderful song with a meaning in it,life is life,can't escape the funeral.But as the year moves on many other great tracks have topped my charts,so i almost forgot about this great tune.So sad,,but still one of my favs.Btw this track was at the beginning given No 39,,but after a couple of listens i remember the time when it was one of my faves so it's on No 35.

34)Junior Boys-IN THE MORNING
Rated by Pitchfork 5 out of 5.This one is rated 4 out of 5 from me.The band have a rather weak album,i expected more,but this track really stands out in the album.I don't like the lyrics but the whole electropop atmospehere is really great and the hard breathing mixes fine with the electro sound together.One of this year's best electro songs,it's so amusing and various,also a good choice to dance to.

33)Professor Murder-FREE STRESS TEST
Ha ha now this band is ace,they released a really wicked EP with this song included-Free Stress Test.I read the Pitchfork review and somehow felt i need to grab that EP.i really wasn't dissapointed.Professor Murder don't use electrical guitars in this song and in the whole EP.I first heard cowbells in this song,, never heard that cowbells were used as a musical instrument.The bass guitar play is so cool and the kinda xylophone sound at the beggining of the 3rd minute is very nice.This song is so creative makes u wanna be amazed for a whole day

32)The Rapture-THE DEVIL
Yeah now that's what i call a good dance track,of course an dancepunk track.It makes me wanna shake my head and hit the dancefloor.It gives a lot of positive energy,i would say this track is sexy and smooth.The best part begins at 2:09,now that's what u should check.Overall i would say that it's a one hit wonder and it won't be my heard by me constantly for a long time.But if u like the dancepunk movement,then this is by far one of the most dancable tracks for all ya punks out there.

Oh my god Zack Condon is really amazing,if i would have done this top in the middle of the year this song would have been much higher,because I'm getting used to this south-east European sound.But I'm impressed with Elephant Gun,it's kind off fresh,I thought that Zack won't release something new.But here is one amazing new track from his forthcoming EP,it was like a 'WOW'.Once again masterful harmonica play,i love the huge instrument count.And my fave part is when Zack sings the'Let The Seasong Begin'part,, really makes u love his style of singing.Full output,no comments

30)Supermongo-TELL ME WHY
Now I'm confused with the name of the artist,It is or SUPERMONGO or SUPERMODE or DJ.AXWELL.Anyway i heard it at a disko,, in fact this track is very popular in the mainstream disco scene but i really want all u guys to check it out.I decided to bring it into the 'indie' scene beacuse the start of this song is very cool and retro,with a spark of the 80's when Depeche Mode rocked the house.It reminds me of a synthpop,post-punk sound that's why i love it so much.This is by far the greatest dance track out there.Too bad that it's mainstream.but all the dancepunk,indiedisco lovers will enjoy this one.It's kind of long,puts you in a trance,be careful to fall in love with this tune.

29)Fujiya & Miyagi-COLLARBONE
Now hob faboulos is this song?I would say very very,this is the best tune from their Transparent Things LP.Even the Pitchfork critics give this song huge credit.This song has a fresh feeling,smooth all the way mischevous and sexy to the bone.I really think that the girls would like it.The silent vocals mix terrifically with the bass guitar play.A little bit starnge,such a cool atmospehere and the guys sing about bone connection and new shoes :)Doesn't matter,just let yourself go with the flow.And this tune ends with a kind off Michale Jackson 'beatbox''thing.To sum up-the sexiest tune of 2006.The album is good,too.

I'm sorry that i mentioned Depeche Mode earlier while describing Supermongo's Tell Me Why i wasn't relly sure.But the description of this song can't be described fully not mentioning that u get a feeling of this song's simillarity to Depeche Mode's vocals and Duran Duran's.Wonderful electronica play in this song,but it's too long,the first 5 minutes are thrilling but the rest is a bit lame.But this song is never even heard by all u here,but i give my high reccomendations.Again if u like electronica tunes with an 80's feel,then this here is returning u all the best of the 80's underground disco movement values,i can tag this song as new wave disco if i can say that.It has a similarity to Minotaur Schock at the beggining of the 4th minute.

Well didn't give any attention to this song anyway.Then listened to it carefully and discovered such a wonderul atmospehere.As always Spencer Krug doesn't sing about nothing:'If i ever hurt you it would be in self defence'wow makes u think what's that?The beauty of the lyrics ara sooo so great.Singing about life's discriminations as i suggest.All the way the song is intrigueing and bewitched.The culmination comes starting at 3:40 with the words 'you snake' like the hero discovered the true face of the villain.Damn what am i talking about,what a beautiful song this is.Look further Spencer's other project Swan Lake is at No 19.

26)Shiny Toy Guns-LE DISKO
The best song from their We Are Pilots LP,cause the whole album is a bit like emo.So this song more better than all the tracks put together.A poerful tune this is,it has like White Rose Movement and Poni Hoax similarities.It'has a 'dirty' indietronica sound but a soothing end that i don't really admire.But what makes the song special are the vocal like a rrriot girl ones.Heavy instrument play are fucking amazing,u even might dance to this one jump around nodding your head.Also one of those bringing back the 80's disco to 2006.I just love this new wave songs in a disco manner.I'm loving it,really loving such vigorous play like the band does in LE DISKO.A One hit wonder,that's for sure,a very intense end,the last 20 seconds are like whoaaaaa!

Good old Jens Lekman is at No. 25.This song is somehow very special,i really adore his piano play.One of his magnificent songs,that make tear jerkers cry and about me?well this tune makes me think about my girl and friendship.singing'now i don't know who my friend is'is the part that makes u melt.And then the violin and whistling,it's so good,a song that's not just a song,it's like 3 minute harmony feeling.People who know what is love will dig it.Oh Jens,singing about such romantic songs will forever be one of my top artists.

24)As Tall As Lions-MILK AND HONEY
Now this band made one of the most greatest albums of 2006.And as i see not many people agree with my opinion,i wonder why??The album features great art/avant rock songs with slow,melodic beautiful songs.So Milk And Honey is a beautiful charming love song,the lyrics are fantastic.The despair of love,starting from 3:26 the song turns into a brutal heart-bleeding feel,like your heart is aching so bad.I am really touched by this song,and what a beautiful sonorous voice.As it is sung:'Let's put away the sticks and stones,and be human beeings'.Now Milk And Honey is one of the best avant rock songs of 2006!Go As Tall As Lions!!!

23)I'm from Barcelona-WE'RE FROM BARCELONA
Nana na na na na na na na na,,whooo.Here's how u can describe the whole song.Damn i wonder why all the best indie pop groups are from Sweden.Here's one of the best,a group,i should say a huge bunch of friends singing about love,family and friendship=true friendship values.I love the how the choir sings here.This song is so happy,the world is terrific,I love life when i listen to this tune.It's so sweet joyful,gay(I mean happy) makes u wanna just go out and hug everybody on the street.So this would the most fun and poppiest indie pop song ever.

22)The Killers-READ MY MIND
Almost everyone consider the Killers's new album pure crap.No no,not me,it's not excellnet but it has some 3-4 almost perfect songs.SO the best one is Read my Mind(followed by Where The White Boys Dance) uh huh,that's right.This song is kind of poppy although it is indie rock.The piano play is so alluring and Brandon's voice is a candy here.I love the 'Good old days,the honest man...'it makes me sing along.I think that a love song was never better sung bt Brandon than this one,even the riffs mix very good with the song's concept.A good old indie rock song that is,,a burst of energy at 3:00 is fucking amazing..yeeaaaaaaaah.Can you feel it???as Brandon sings:'I don't shine if you don't shine'now how touching is that?very,very.

I would say that this song is a bit experimental,it's upkeep is a bit strange,the first 30 seconds aren't so cool,but then Dan Bejar begins the 'real'song.And the words about the painter are the starting point to a terrific continuation.Overall i love Dan Bejar personality,I even don't know if this song is art rock or experimental or avant pop??it's so strange in a good way,I'm loving it.From 2:40 it all goes on,the hidenn emotions and energy burst out at 3:00..Whoaaa now that is amazing.The start is slow,then the song gets a bit faster at the end it's so faboulos.I would call this not a song but just ART,yeah it's more than a song for sure.

20)Midlake-YOUNG BRIDE
This song was heard by me 2 weeks ago before i made this list.As good as Roscoe but better,it's more positive and more beautiful.I love how the drums start in the beggining.This tune is very charming,it just blasted into my cahrt and ended up at No.11.Midlake songs are medieval discuised,and i like this speciality.Tales from the past in,used for a indie-rock song.Oh watch out for the lethal violin,even Arcade Fire an My Latest Novel will envy.A multi talanted band,Midlake,just keep on surpsing me.Young Bride-elegant track.

aaa,now that's what i call good old indie-folk.A simple acoustic guitar a magnificent voice.I just adore Spencer Krug for his songwriting skills.This song is not an exception,it's not loud as always in the beginning.Spencer sings as if he's trying to whisper.The whispers are changed by powerful overstrained screams...and Dan Bejar groans in the the song is better than all of the 2006 folk songs.And 'you said your love was fierce fierce fierce' in the end is the culmination.But i really love the beginning,,as Spencer sings oh ha ha ha haau,as if the microphone is his beloved wife.So much m power,sweetness and fury does the song contain,makes u amazed.Watch out for 1:52...

18)The Ordinary Boys-LONELY AT THE TOP
This is a song for all the complainers who think that The Ordinary Boys suck.. fuck u all,, i haven't listend to the whole album but this song is so ace,give em some respect.British indie rock(with a dance flavour) is on top this year.The Ordinary Boys with this unordinary song are at No.18.This tune is so dancey,bright and so good listening.I imagine as if the whole song is like a theatre scene where several men and women dance with sticks in their hands,wearing black round hats and black shoes, u know that classic 60's style of colthes.That's what i imagine while listenin' to this tune.I heard this song on the radio,so thanks to you mr.mainstream radio.Ha ha.A brilliant song,i didn't excpect that i would like it so much.Good mood all the way.

17)Sebastien Tellier-LA RITOURNELLE
Well i really don't know if this song was released in 2006??maybe it's old.Either way I'll make an exception and put it in my charts.I want the whole world to know about.The sound in the song,is like a spinning wheel,a wheel of fortune.The same chords and piano play continue all the way,all the 7 minutes.And from the 4th minute Sebastien starts singing.Some of you will be bemused,that's a mistake,u should consider this song's beauty.But even Sebastien starts singing,,omg now that's what i call a professional songster.He has magic in his voice,all the theatre lovers will dig this one.This one is the most charming song i have heard this year.La Ritounelle isn't even indie,,but i don't give a fuck,cause it's so magnificent and melodic.

16)The Horror The Horror-ALL I CAN DO
this is the band that i can cleraly say that i reccomended to tons of people.Simply they are brilliant.Heard em on MTV,,and waited some 4 months to get their album.A pretty great one,mentioned by COKEMACHINEGLOW.COM in the TOP 50 of the year.The song is pretty simple but it goes well,the continuations,rhythm varieties are great.The singer is great,but the co-singer dudes do a fantastic job,excellent.My fave part is starting from 2:34.This song is ordinary but it is very special to me.U give a try,won't be dissapointed.

Now also one of my favourite discovered indie-pop bands of 2006.This song is very similar to Roscoe by MIdlake,it's also like a story.The singer quickly sings a story only a very amusing and sunny one,not like Roscoe.I love the guitar play in this one,i would The Start Of Something differs very much from all other songs on their EP.It all goes indie/pop/rocky,it's just like a ballad before sleeping.'Godspeed' everyting in this is perfect,it's also ordinary but ordinary means huge talent in this case.the drums,the guitars,the vocals everything is in harmony.The sound of this song makes me feel like this song was recorded many years ago,that's also cool cause it's not :)

Now if it was 2005 now,then The Dears song Lost In The Plot would be my number one,no kidding.This year,Whites Only Party are coming strong at nr.14.Like Voxtrot's song it feels as if this one was recorder back in the bays,using old technologies,this fact gives some extra spices.At first i din't even realise that this song is about racism,that's pretty sad.Well i would like u to know,that their album Gang Of Losers is my second favourite this year.But this song is so cool,the lead singer has a great singing manner,he even doesn't sweat,everything just goes with the flow,i love the 'don't say I'm paranoid part' the intensity rises with time in this tune.A meaningful song this is,terrific

13)You Say Party!We Say Die!-STOCKHOLM SYNDROME PART.2
Wow,this band is so tallented,despite a quite stupid name.The are the true underground band,playing psychedelic/electro dance-punk songs.The songs are often so heavy as if they are played by iForward Russia, but YSPWSD have better quakity,i can't even find any similar artist to em.So Stockholm Syndrome is so powerful,energetic,makes u wanna punch everything u see and run,and dance in the freakiest manner.A pretty slow start leads into a fucking intensive following.Dammit this one is so good,i love those weird dance-punk trakcs.At 1:50 the song calms down,leading to a great singing. U might dig the GAP,too,it's similar to this one.

Now here they are,MARITIME-the best indie-pop band that i discovered in 2006.I love their LP so much,Nr.2 in my list of 2006.Damn these guys are so talanted.As i know they are european or maybe not,but anyway i was said somewhere that they are from Germany,and i hate german bands.But they are sooo wicked.This song is a hit,no doubt.It goes on and on,u don't want it to stop.The chorus is simply amazing,it's so catchy.The guitar play isn't so tough,a simple chord but it fits so well with the song.The singer has a voice as if he's a huge smoker.A very impressive song,lots of positivity,it's as simple as THTH All I Can Do,but this one is far more catchier:)

What>??Midlake again??Yes i am twice as surprised as u are.This one is very special and from the start it gets you all attentive...this song is so good,but it's so gloomy that even the Barcelona guys won't be able to cheer you up after this masterpiece song.At the beginning:'Stone cutters made them from stones' and the other lyrics:'Whenever i was a child i wonder what if my name had changen to something more productive like Roscoe'. I don't know i get the creeps when i listen to this track,listen carefully to the lyrics.Midlake are masters,so much sense.The whole song is like a story,a story of some character,living a sad life.Damn this song is so decent,like a verse.I'm loving Midlake for their storytelling lyrics especiaaly,they are so wonderful.

Ha now to be honest,i am a bit dissapointed with their album.It was released in the beginning of the year.So this song is pioneering all the way in my favourite 2006 songs.From the start till the end I'm loving every piece of it.The electronica sounds is so puts u in a groove.Hot Chip are an electro band but the guys sing so great,as if they are pros,maybe they just try.But anyway it's so good to hear great electronica effects together with brilliant vocals.The end is a bit fatigue,but it is so in to change tempos and rhythms.I love this song for the unsimple electronic sound,never heard this kind of mix before.Wonderful job'And i was a boy from schooooooooool'.

9)Simian Mobile Disco-HUSTLER
There you go folks this one is for all the hustlers and those who love to dance to our beloved 'indie'tunes.This is my favourite disco song of 2006.Hustler is long,like a real disco song should,it goes in a rap direction,but I'm fine with that.It's not very rough,has some electroclash effects.Hustler will make a good warm up.Btw it wasn't played in clubs,I gave this song to my buddy DJ so that he would give this tune a try.It's so cool cause the crowd was very satisfied.I'm totally loving this song,i would recommend to this one to all the disco lovers.Man Simian Mobile Disco are a gem,they play such good music for the dancefloor.Hustler is a very sexy song,ans a kind off interesting sexy video.The lyrics aren't very tight but don't care about it.Let the sound move your feet,boom boom boom'push it push it push it'.And check other Simian Mobile Disco tracks.

To all of you out there,Beirut's favourite song is Postcards From Italy right??Well not by me.You see I'm russian,Russia's native instrument is of course the harmonica,all my ancestors adore this instrument.I didn't like it very much.But when i heard Beirut i fell in love with it.Fell in love with this song,Mount Wroclai is so amazing,everything is unique.The vocals,the harmonica,the drums,the other weird instruments they create a spicy eastern-europe mix,as if gypsies are dancing by a fire.Poor you if u haven't seen how gypsies sing.So Mount Wroclai is a like an US version of all the fine eastern-european music traditions.So that's why it's so great.That's also not simple song,it's a piece of art,Huge respect to Zack,19 years,made this great song,,he is GOD,a one-man balkan orchestra.

7)White Rose Movement-ALSATIAN
Here we go,ladies and gentlemen.I introduce you,my favourite band of 2006,their KICK LP is my favourite record of 2006.White Rose Movement play such amazing music.Alsatian has such energy,it's so rock,it's a heavy indietronica song.Just like the way i like it,smashing drum work,rockin'guitar play,synthetizers and a synthetic change voice.Damn it's so fucking glorious.This music like Alsatian is good for listening while walking in a big industrial city.I study now in Saint-Petersburg.After Uni i just put Alsatian on and walk through the city,everything is so intense and get so hyped while listening to this tune,u turn to the left u see tons of people,u look straight u see a traffic jam,on the left is a man with face covered in blood.So the huge city life,the huge city feeling is inside this song,a city where everybody is grey and hateful.Alsatin gives u power and hype,u feel unstopable while listening to it.As it is sung: 'Cause your blood is alive'

6)Howling Bells-LOW HAPENNING
Low Hapenning has also been one of my top tracks since the beginning of the year.The whole album is rather dissapointing,but this tune is excellent.Low Happening is also one of those kind off time machine songs.Going back to the 80's but with a spark of electronics.Either ways this tune is more indirtronic,maybe sometimes plain indie rock,but with a garage rock smell.I love the beginning,when the electric guitar sets the pace,just love that sound.The girl's vocals are pretty impressive,i would Say Low Hapenning is very similar to Controller.Controller or Be Your Own Pet.Damn this song has some flavour,reminds of the cool times when leather jackets and dirty jeans were fucking famous.Howling Bells did a pretty good job and created this song,two thumbs up for Low Happening!'You Listen To Trash But It's My Rock'n Roll' lovin' this part.

As in Low Happening the beginning is so amazing,the guitar sounds so goood.Discovered Tokyo Police Club not long ago,their music just hit me.They are similar to the Strokes,but don't have that mainstream stupid sound.Tokyo Police Club are going strong,I love their EP,all the tracks are stable potential hits.The lyrics are quite good and enjoyable.So these guys would be the best avant-rock band of 2006,singing about computers and robots capturing the planet .This song is a bit short but it's a splended piece of indie rock.The hand clapping in other tracks is a great idea.In This song the'GO'part is wicked,after the word magic riffs catch your attention.Surely u ought to hear this track.

4)As Tall As Lions-SUMMER
Now as i know they have been argues about this song's name.I know that it is not called summer,but I don't remember the original track's name.So let it be 'SUMMER'.So the art-rockers As Tall As Lions were a huge surprise to me this year.They have such a perfect album,oh my.And this track summer is so terrific,it's unusual,very avant-garde a bit of experimental and so beautiful.At 0.36 is a very decent part,where the guitar starts playing.And at 1:07 the second like 'part' begins,where the music reaches another level,becomes more rockier,and the song really burst off at 2:30 really has that rock-out attitude, just lovin' it.And then calms down at 3:05,oh gosh,,such sweet and smooth vocals.Damn this song really makes me think that there's nothing better,wow.Summer is the most creative song of 2006.As Tall As Lions are very talanted lads.

3)The Decemberists-YANKEE BAYONET
Aaaah what a great start to this song.As always i have loved Colin's vocals,and in this song the vocals are so fantastic.h this song is simply charming,all the war themes,medieval soldiers and wizards take over my imagination.My favourite part is when the girl really shows the beauty of her voice at 1:45,wow that's what i say when i listen to this part.All in all yankee Bayonet is also like a theatrical performance about the medieval times.Imagine a brave french soldier,dressed in a classic army dress battles against enemies with a sword while his princess is waiting for him.That's why 'I will be home then' is mentioned in the title.In the end this brave soldier dies and his princess flees to his dead body.A song about love,love rulened by war.Well Yankee Bayonet is simply charming a song in a classic Decemberists flavour .No.3 for this great masterpiece.

And again,Maritime,oh i simply adore these guys.This time they are at No.2,with 'Young Alumni modern cocktail drinker'.:) I really dig te beggining,love those great guitar solos.Listening to this track i think about myself when i was 17-18 years old.Imagine a boy,who wants to try it all,he has all these indie clothes,a fall out boy who is all alone.This character is Young Alumni,a boy seeking for love,but doesn't know all the lifes traps.That's what comes to head when i listen to this indie-pop/rock song.'Love is no big deal,the falling you feel'.The lyrics are good,too.I don't know any minuses to this track,it's at No.2 ,beacuse i prefer Indietronica a bit better.But the Alumni boy is a nice friendly sing-along song.

1)White Rose Movement-TESTCARD GIRL
Here it is,no one should be surprised with my decision.I think the people that know me,have a clue how much i dig indietronica and especially White Rose Movement.So this year WRM are on top.Testcard Girl is a killer track.
It's like Alsatian in the way that while walking in an evil and greu city like Saint-Petersburg it gets u hyped,u feel yourself so powerful and independent,as if you're on top of the world.Testcard Girl is so cool,powerful,well-done.I love the instrument selection and the drum beat.And that fake voice is so fucking great.Can't stop listening to it,from the beginning the song goes following it's normal rhythm but the fave part starts at 1:28 with a blast of energy...'next to the heart next to the lie'and at 1:59 it goes all like LONDON'S MINE,damn the drums are so well,sound perfection.It's like a war song,at war with the unfair at war with myself..The key lyrics are:'I try to remember who the fuck i am'Love Love Love this track.

So i Hope that u like my revision of the top songs in 2006.So here are the 8 track that didn't make the cut,didn't make the TOP 42 of 2006 :D

You Say Party!We Say Die!-The GAP
Boy Kill Boy-SHowdown
Maritime-German Engineering
The Horror The Horror-Counterfeit
Lansing-Dreiden-A Line You Can Cross
New Young Pony Club-Ice cream
Tokyo Police Club-Citizens Of Tommorow
Liars-Be Quiet Mt. Heart Attack

So here is the mixtape for all ya out there.I hope u enjoy listening to it:


  • ChainChompMan

    Some really good songs in there (though there's lots of stuff that I've never heard). Also, I agree that Mount Wroclai is better than Postcards From Italy. My favourite off that album is probably Mount Wroclai or Scenic World.

    Gen 23 2007, 21:15
  • feefiefoefumju

    pretty list you have here. i personally love as tall as lions and their song love,love,love. i am addicted to that song. and i do agree with you putting sunset rubdown in here, they have a pretty good album in shut up i'm dreaming.

    Gen 24 2007, 1:09
  • tamposi

    this is awesome, thanks a million.

    Gen 24 2007, 1:40
  • anace

    mm ok stuff that I know and love and stuff I honestly don't know but I'm always up for finding music so I'll try to check them out the youngest was the most loved rocks!! ok I'm done -

    Gen 24 2007, 2:16
  • IndieKing

    [quote] i personally love as tall as lions and their song love,love,love.[/quote] well LOVE LOVE LOVE is also,, their album is my 3rd favourite of the year.. Every song is special,no weak ones .I'm glad that someone else adores AS TALL AS LIONS! P.S ANACE check that mixtape,, these are all pretty good songs from various inde genres

    Gen 24 2007, 10:45
  • VertigoOfBliss

    good stuff my friend, besides Ordinary Boys... their inclusion was a shocker!

    Gen 24 2007, 16:53
  • agafon

    woohooo!SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO!..yeah,it is a great song :)..but I think that Tits & Acid and Animal House are more hot than this one :) beauty Final Fantasy only in 42? :( ok ok,don't say me anything because I like when we aren't of the same opinion ;) gosh! where is Klaxons? : A To I , Golden Skans,Gravity's Rainbow ?:'( ..well,I think when you'll arrive to Riga we'll have a long long discussion about it :D great that you made La Ritournelle for a one of your favourite singles 2006!;) and it doesn't matter that this song came from 2005 :) ..Beirut,Junior Boys --> :) *** good job Jurateg!;)

    Gen 24 2007, 19:05
  • IndieKing

    :DDD thanks really rock the house.. yeah i think we'll have a serious discussion when i arrive in Riga.. Btw thanks for LA RITOURNELLE,,, oh that song is from 2004,,but fuck that :D i love it

    Gen 24 2007, 23:35
  • ohwellok

    great list you've composed!

    Gen 25 2007, 6:27
  • ptk921

    how do I find that 'as tall as lions - summer' song?? no one knows what the name is?! wtf? any help for your American brother in music taste [we are very compatible!] would be appreciated! thx

    Gen 25 2007, 10:35
  • IndieKing

    that AS TALL AS LIONS song is called not summer but [b]carousel[/b]

    Gen 25 2007, 10:55
  • AsTallAsAlex

    i agree that as tall as lions made one of the best records of the year!

    Gen 31 2007, 3:53
  • IndieKing

    oh my god,finally someone agrees with me!!AS TALL AS LIONS are faboulous,,they are underestimated,,very very.. I fucking love them man,many songs from their album are potential hits

    Gen 31 2007, 11:25
  • modernenglish

    Hurrah for White Rose Movement! :)

    Gen 31 2007, 17:14
  • SirVesseur

    Great music taste if I my say. Nice explanation about La ritournelle. Goosebumps all over when I heard it before. The version on superpitchers album today is also nice. With those little bass and drums. Try it. The combination of my iPod and senns 555's make me feel all emotional.

    Feb 5 2007, 17:59
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