Be negative about your top 20


Nov 17 2007, 17:17

Saw this somewhere else. It's interesting, if not difficult.

20. Mogwai:
This whole refusal to be called post-rock. Look, I get it, there's lots of shitty post-rock bands out there, but it's WHAT YOU ARE. Accept it or start writing folk songs.

Best songs:
Acid Food
Sine Wave

19. Sigur Ros:
To be fair, I don't know how you say anything negative about this band. Other than maybe the fact that nothing compares to Ágætis Byrjun

Best songs:
Untitled 1
Untitled 8
Olsen Olsen

18. Bedhead:
Their songs are monotonous and boring, in the best way possible. I mean, it's the kind of music that's just uniquely leveled. It's laid back music, but occasionally I just get tired of it. And The New Year isn't as good. It's just not. But WhatFunLifeWas is still amazing.

Best songs:
life raft

17. A Northern Chorus:
Occasionally they let their pop-sensibilities take control of them. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just sometimes rubs me the wrong way. If I had my way, all of their songs would be 8 minute spacey epics like their on Bitter Hands Resign.

Best songs:
Let the Parrots Speak for Themselves
Song & I
Subjects & Matter
Prisoners of Circumstance
Fragile Day

16. múm:
I really don't agree with this whole no more female singers thing. I know they left, but still. Bribery always works. Also, why was Summer Make Good not as good as it should have been? Try harder, damn it.

Best songs:
Green Grass of Tunnel
We Have a Map of the Piano
I'm 9 Today
Awake on a Train

15. The Mountain Goats:
Let's all be perfectly honest here, most of John's songs and most of his albums sound the same. This is just what happens when you're a one man band. It's hard to evolve or take in outside influences. He strums acoustic guitar chords and sings fragile yet angry stories into boomboxes. It's what he does, and he's good at it, but it does get repetitive.

Best songs:
Lonesome Surprise
Lion's Teeth
Oceanographer's Choice
Cubs In Five
Snow Owl

14. Rachel's:
This band is really hard to pin down, and probably my main complaint would be that you have to be in a really specific mood to enjoy their music.

Best songs:
Moscow in the Telephone
Water From The Same Source
Last Things Last
Unclear Channel
NY Snow Globe

13. The Unicorns:
They're one of the most frustrating bands to love. I mean, they only really released one full album (Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?), and it was so brilliantly perfect that the fact that they broke up right after makes it a tough love to have. I mean, if they weren't so frustratingly endearing (with lyrics like "I checked myself into emergency urgently", "Hey let's get known, if we work real hard we can buy some matching clothes for our live shows!"), it would be so much easier to let go of the fact that they're no longer with us.

Best songs:
The Unicorns 2014
Child Star
I Was Born A Unicorn
The Clap
Tough Ghost
Let's Get Known

12. Elliott Smith:
They say that death is harder on those who love the dead rather than the dead and dying themselves, and they're right. I think everyone who loves Elliott Smith's music gets a little pain in their chest when they think about the fact that once they release all of the b-sides, demos, early versions, live shows, covers, and whatever else they can dig up (as seen with Jeff Buckley)...he'll truly be gone. And all we'll be left with are his songs. Luckily, they're amazing.

Everything Reminds Me Of Her
Waltz #2 (XO)
Between the Bars
Oh Well, Okay
Stupidity Tries
...and a million more.

11. Built Like Alaska:
The only complaint I have with them is that they're not releasing a new album fast enough. Autumnland was my introduction to a whole new kind of indie rock, that mixes pop and folk influences in a way that only a band from California could do.

Best songs:
Ran Into a Corner
(I Want A) Happy Home
Random Car
Mistake #2
Seven Steps of Trespassing
Throw A Man Into The Ocean With A Lead Weight Tied Around His Leg

10. Bows:
Why doesn't he release more? I mean seriously, how can you be a musician who's brilliant and talented, who bends genres and writes some of the best sleepyhead music out there, and be satisfied with only releasing two albums?

Best songs:
Big Wings
Cuban Welterweight Rumbles Hidden Hitmen

9. Epic45
One of my biggest frustration with good music is when you can't effing find it. So far I've downloaded one of their albums and bought another. They have like two dozen out there and I can't find any of them. This irks me.

Best songs: (last won't link...awesome...)

(To be continued, as Last currently cannot even find the artist "The Beatles". What a great site. =/ )


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