New Podcast/Blog site Up...and running with scissors.


Mar 29 2010, 19:28

It's been a while waiting within the wings, but my brand spanking new Music/Entertainment/Culture Surfing website

Filled to the brim with New Music and Excellent Music, Reviews, Original Podcasts and Video Content (Video coming soon) I invite to take a look and have listen and explore.

This week a brand new episode of "ANESTHESIA" is up and available for Streaming or direct Download @

Thanks to all who support me through visiting and commenting on the site.

LOTS more is coming, so stay tuned and check in frequently.




  • ThereInOakland

    thanks jack ! this podcast is always interesting and it really stretches my mind and the scope of music that i listen to. i feel like i am processing so much new stuff now ;) great podcast and great job.

    Mar 29 2010, 21:46
  • EzzieB

    Add/follow "Prosthetik Intelligentz" on TWITTER and ask them ANYTHING!!! Search "mindmissiles"!!!!

    Mar 30 2010, 0:59
  • Orange42

    ha, muchly cool!

    Apr 2 2010, 22:21
  • Orange42

    listening to all 3 podcasts ^^"

    Apr 2 2010, 22:23
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