Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs


Mag 25 2009, 11:18

Sun 24 May – Jumpin' Hot Club Presents Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs

It was a really nice gig, Holly played with her band mate Lawyer Dave who sang, played guitar AND played drums with his feet at the same time, talented guy. Not a great turnout mostly because of the nice weather outside and the evolution festival on just down the road. They played some classics and their new single "My 45" which was really good.
They were obviously having some fun with the audience trying to outdo each other and say the most unbelievable thing in between songs like: "This is the song that got us kicked out of Denmark... forever" and "This is a song about the time I broke Holly's foot...with my horse...on purpose". Holly also mentioned she was just getting over Swine flu but I think this was probably another joke.
Overall it was a great gig I was just sad there couldn't be more people for them.


  • EllenMoran

    I remember thissssss! It was the first time I met you, Laurie Brown. It was a great gig.

    Ago 24 2010, 0:37
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