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Feb 10 2006, 3:43

This The WIRED CD: Rip. Sample. Mash. Share. has been around for a while, but the original MP3 tagging used is horrid, e.g. tracks entitled "Track 1", "Track 2", etc.

Today, I found another copy of it, at CreativeCommons.Org, where the tagging looks correct, certainly better. Also, after playing a few tracks and looking at their coverage, on Last.FM, it seems that no one's journaled the CD - time to get typing! Enjoy!

The tracks included are:
Now Get Busy
My Fair Lady
One Big Holiday
Relaxation Spa Treatment
DC 3000
Fake French
Looking Up in Heaven
No Meaning No
Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix)
Wataridori 2
What U Sittin' On? (Starring Cee Lo And Tha Alkaholiks)
Oslodum 2004 (includes (cc) sample of "Oslodum" by Gilberto Gil)
Action at a Distance

The artists featured are: Beastie Boys, David Byrne, Zap Mama, My Morning Jacket, Spoon, Gilberto Gil, Dan the Automator, Thievery Corporation, Le Tigre, Paul Westerberg, Chuck D With Fine Arts Militia, Chuck D, Fine Arts Militia, The Rapture, Cornelius, Danger Mouse & Jemini, Danger Mouse, Jemini, Cee Lo, Tha Alkaholiks, DJ Dolores & Matmos.


  • giveuptheghost

    Wow, amazing roster. Thanks fot the heads-up. :)

    Feb 10 2006, 3:53
  • talking_animal

    That Gilberto Gil tune comes off of a stellar record. He's burning up my charts lately as I finally listen to Expresso 2222, but the more I hear of his stuff, the more I realize that O Sol De Oslo is a real masterpiece. Oslodum is kind of the outlier on the disc; the other tracks are much more soulful and indie-sounding. I urge you to track down a copy; my original was lost, but I managed to find one at the local library, and it's on emusic, if you have a subscription there.

    Feb 10 2006, 4:17
  • IanAR

    Yes I'm busy forgiving Gilberto Gil and I like the sound of Oslodum. So, if money wasn't to tight, I'd be jumping to buy a copy of the CD. Jonathan, from reading your ramblings, you seem to spend a lot of time at you local library. I like it, I used to use the library a lot, looking for finds, back in pre-CD times. I think I'll be returning!

    Feb 10 2006, 6:40
  • talking_animal

    I have the New York Public Library's music and performing arts collection just down the street, and NYU's audiovisual library about a 20-minute subway ride away. It's embarrassing how many wonderful records there are at those two institutions.

    Feb 10 2006, 15:37
  • ifor

    This is a FREE CD that you can download and do what you want with (almost). The license / copyright is far and away different from your usual music. There are other ways to release music from the normal model. The Creative Commons does some important work and their website is an important read. Thanks Wired!

    Feb 25 2006, 14:57
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