IRONICtypo's Free MP3 Recommendations #2


Lug 31 2011, 19:23

Here's the second installment of my Free MP3 Recommendations journal series:

Sheffield Shanty by Monkey Swallows the Universe
from the 2006 album The Bright Carvings
Monkey Swallows the Universe released two excellent albums of distinctly British indie folk pop before disbanding in early 2008. "Sheffield Shanty" is one of two songs from the band's 2006 debut The Bright Carvings that are available for free download at (the other track, the up-tempo "Jimmy Down The Well", is one I also recommend). "Sheffield Shanty" is a nice, quiet indie folk pop nugget from a band that by all accounts should have been much more popular than they were.

Don't Look Down Or Back by Tunng
from the 2010 album ...And Then We Saw Land
Genre: ,
The experimental folk group Tunng has been one of the more interesting bands to come out of the British folk revival of the 2000's. Initially identified as apart of the "folktronica" movement (although no longer apart of it), the band often uses household or found items (like shells or salt-shakers) as percussion to complement their shambling folk pop sound and impressive vocal harmonies. Their 2007 album, Good Arrows was one of my favorite albums of that year and their follow up, ...And Then We Saw Land did not disappoint. "Don't Look Down or Back" is one of my favorite songs off the album (and a great choice for a first single, as well).

Now We Can See by The Thermals
from the 2009 album Now We Can See
The Thermals have been one of the most consistently excellent bands in American indie rock., and despite Now We Can See being my least favorite album in their discography, there's still alot to recommend about it. Its title track is textbook Thermals: a great hook, a nice melody, a catchy bridge and chorus. If you loved this song and their near-hit "Returning to the Fold" from 2006, you're probably going to love the rest of their discography.

That's it for this second installment of IRONICtypo's Free Tracks Recommendations. If you have any feedback/compliments/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I plan on doing these every so often.

Next week i'm thinking of expanding to 4-5 tracks and recommendation of a free, legal download from outside of

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