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Lug 24 2011, 6:21

A bit of an introduction first off. I've never really done a journal here, but I used to have a blog, and recently I've wanted to do something a bit more related. I've decided to start a journal series that will occasionally feature song of my favorites of the thousands of great free, legal downloads available here at Occasionally I might feature other free, legal downloads from other sites like RCRDLBL (a great website that features tons more free songs not offered on and the famed webzine Pitchfork Media (who often feature free MP3s straight from the record labels).

For this first installment, i'm only going to be featuring three songs, but I may expand the selection to 4 or 5 songs (and probably throw in some of those Pitchfork and RCRDLBL free tracks) in later installments.

So without further ado, here's the first entry of my Free Track Recommendations journal.

I'm a Pilot by Fanfarlo
from the 2009 album Reservoir
Genre: .
Recommended if you like: Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flynn.
I loved Fanfarlo's 2009 album Reservoir, and although "I'm A Pilot" wasn't my favorite song from the album, its still a great introduction to Fanfarlo's overall sound (albeit a bit more percussion oriented than their usual songs). The song is higlighted by some great violin and backing vocals on the chorus, a strong piano melody and Simon Balthazar's distinctive lead vocals.

E Numbers by Dananananaykroyd.
from the 2011 album There Is A Way
Genre: //""
Recommended if you like: Johnny Foreigner, Los Campesinos!
Dananananaykroyd have a silly name (trick to easily remember the name: Dana-nana-naykroyd) and a sound that isn't quite for everyone, but I really enjoyed their first album 2009's "Hey Everyone!". I tend to describe their sound something along the lines of Los Campesinos! on more caffeine than a human being ever needs to consume. The band is really propelled by its heavy use of drums and guitars that go everywhere. The band has three vocalists (and two drummers!) and i'm not too versed up on the band to know which one sings lead on the song, but I've really grown to enjoy this band and believe they're heading in the right direction for a band their age.

Springsteen by Nosferatu D2
from the 2009 album We're Gonna Walk Around the City with Our Headphones On to Block Out the Noise
Recommended if you like: The Wedding Present, Frightened Rabbit
Nosferatu D2 were a band that were brought to my attention by the blog of my favourite band, Los Campesinos!. The members of that band, especially lead singer Gareth, often recommend some great new or obscure band, and Nosferatu D2 was no exception. Nosferatu D2 were a band consisting of two brothers from Croydon, England who were only active for a little over two years, splitting in 2007. In 2009, a group of fans, with co-operation from the band members, self-financed the release of the band's only album, "We're Gonna Walk Around the City with Our Headphones On To Block Out the Noise". "Springsteen" is my favorite song from the album, a song about hating your hometown which is something most of us can relate to at one point in our lives (additionally, the drumming on the song is fantastic).

That's it for this first installment of IRONICtypo's Free Tracks Recommendations. If you have any feedback/compliments/suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I plan on doing these every so often.

Also, be sure to check out Babs_05's journals , which are full of great recommendations and often feature bands and songs I also recommend.

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