Anal Pain


Ott 24 2006, 7:14

I've been spending the last few days re-ripping my CDs after last week's hard drive meltdown. If you see me listening to more than the usual amounts of the Queers, Bowling for Soup, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, the Vandals, and Rufus Wainwright, that just because those went into the burner first. I'll be back to my usual more eclectic self before long. I've already started on the Tom Jones, Aretha Franklin, Joan Armatrading, and Wendy Carlos piles.

What's really turning out to be a pain in my ass is the MP3 tags. I'm extremely anal about things like having correct genre and year tags, among others, and I'd forgotten how long it takes to get all those right. MusicBrainz is a huge help, but it won't get you all the way there.

I've got Big Boys tracks coming up with a genre tag of "Other" for Christ's sake! If the scrobbler picked up genres, I'd be hanging my head in embarrassment. Or hiding it up my ass, just because I felt like throwing in one more gratuitous reference to my butt.


  • drummerforsale

    Damn, I know how it is. My ipod died a few months ago and I lost all 365 of my albums. I had them all backed up on CD, but all the same, it took forever to get all my tags right and get everything back to normal.

    Ott 24 2006, 22:03
  • farangstar

    I know why I don't own an iPod.

    Ott 25 2006, 5:58
  • IMTrick

    I don't, either... I'm just obsessive/compulsive about my MP3 tags. Who would've thought?

    Ott 25 2006, 6:05
  • farangstar

    everybody, of course. :)

    Ott 25 2006, 8:59
  • jebz

    A tag nerd! Just like me! Who'da guessed it ;) I absolutely swear by <a href=>TagScanner</a> for cleaning up/sorting out tags. It's very simple, but oh so powerful. It's Windows-only, though; not sure how much of a problem that would be for you. Don't be scared of the Russian suffix, it's legit, I promise :)

    Nov 1 2006, 5:56
  • jebz

    Oh, Last.FM. Learn how to render HTML without me needing to resort to bullshit BBS code, then fuck off and die. (Sorry. Bugbear ;)

    Nov 1 2006, 5:57
  • IMTrick

    I've actually got a halfway decent system here cobbled out of several different utilities and some duct tape (Musicbrainz rocks for the bulk of the grunt work) that works really well for me. What can I say? I'm a long-time Unixy kind of guy, so I get off on splicing together little ugly command-line programs with obscure names. Still, I may just have to try that one out. Even if it does have one of those newfangled graphical interfaces on it.

    Nov 3 2006, 0:49
  • emergingsynergy

    Страницы, к которой вы обратились, почему-то нет. Как это могло произойти? Давайте разберемся. * Вам могли прислать неверную ссылку. * Вы могли набрать адрес с ошибкой. * Страница с этим адресом когда-то здесь была, а теперь ее здесь почему-то нет. * Так сложились звезды. Thanks jebz!

    Dic 11 2006, 19:50
  • IMTrick

    He's got a little URL impediment. We try not to talk about it. TagScanner

    Dic 11 2006, 20:24
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