• Vital Remains, Denial Fiend, Godphobia, Bloody Sign

    Mag 18 2007, 13:36

    Wed 16 May – Vital Remains, Denial Fiend, Godphobia, Bloody Sign

    Actually, there isn't much to review. After four hours of driving from South of Hamburg to Flensburg - which exactly meant 2 hours of standing in the traffic jam - we arrived at Roxy. To us the location seemed quite disappointing - in the middle of nowhere, spreading the charm of a house for the youth and apparently everything but well frequented.
    After one minute of wondering, we realized the music coming out of the basement. We went down there just to see two guys rehearsing, who told us that the concert had been cancelled...

    For five guys having driven four hours in a too small car with too much pressure on the urethra we were quite calm, making jokes and deciding to visit McDonald's. Ok, to be honest, at least two of us were totally drunk, so it can be taken for sure that we just didn't check that we just had driven too many hours for nothing. In the early morning we came back, still quite boozy.

    As I was told, the reason for this whole upfuck was Bruchstein Records, which like to cancel gigs without spreading the information around the internet properly.

    Thanks for a little ride and a nice meal at McDonald's! Fortunately Vital Remains will play at Wacken, this will definitely be killer.