Another of those surveys


Set 16 2007, 13:59

So I totally stole this one from Kalsonberry. =D
I thought it looked like fun!

Choose a band/artist: Lifehouse

Answer the following questions ONLY using titles of their songs:

1) Are you male or female: Whatever It Takes (Haha xD)

2) Describe yourself: Out Of Breath

3) How do some people feel about you: Am I Ever Gonna Find Out

4) How do you feel about yourself: Blind

5) Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: First Time

6) Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend/wife: Unknown

7) Describe where you want to be: Somewhere in Between

8) Describe how you live: Hanging by a Moment

9) What would you ask for if you had just one wish: Everything

10) Share a few words of Wisdom: The End Has Only Begun

11) Now say goodbye: Walking Away


  • MaxRaine

    Så cp att dem hade låttitlar som passade till typ alla frågor xD

    Set 19 2007, 1:20
  • Humanaddiction

    Haha, jajamensan =D

    Set 19 2007, 14:13
  • kalsonberry

    I actually barely remember doing this one, haha. Did I do it with Relient K?

    Set 19 2007, 23:40
  • Humanaddiction

    Yeah you did =D

    Set 19 2007, 23:46
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