• Last.fm Playground exploration

    Ago 22 2010, 18:01

    Interesting stuff in the Last.fm Playgrounds. I never did keep track of monumental scrobbles. Apperantly my 100.000th scrobble was Dreaming with a Broken Heart..

  • Continuation of My Musical Evolution

    Lug 17 2010, 16:15

    In hindsight, its funny how emotions, people and relationships have molded my musical taste unintentionally.

    Before my first relationship - at the time I wrote the first piece of this journal entry. I was obsessed with Japanese music. Think of GACKT, Malice Mizer, X-Japan, DIR EN GREY, LUNA SEA. That first relationship I was pretty much, like I said, obsessed with my whole Jap thing. My girlfriend at that time got me into Kamelot, which we would see live at Waldrock 2006.

    During the course of our relation, she tried to introduce me to Goldfrapp, Peaches, and Air. Something I didn't like at the time, but started to pick up after we I found the secret music folder she left me before we broke up.

    During my second relationship I really started getting into a lot of music my first love left behind for me in a special folder on my harddisc.

    I started picking up on a lot of the music she left there. During the one and a half year that was my second relationship I began sharing love for music that was in the folder.
    That would've been around the time I wrote this old journal entry.

    At the end of the second relationship I started to find myself attracted to other music that was left in the folder.
    As I became fond of electronical music I took a liking to the somewhat alternative electro music a la The Knife, Viva La Fête, which I never gave much of a hear before that.

    Eventually, started to wear off as the main music I would listen and I started delve deeper into other music that was left in the old secret stash on my harddisc.
    Most notable were the ers Incubus and the Deftones, but also the Oi Va Voi started to grow onto me.

    These 3 bands, and Nine Inch Nails I picked up along the way could be defined as my alternative phase. Alternative from the gothic, japanese, electronic phases I've had.

    During my alternative phase I started studying in Leiden. There I would meet Anna who then introduced me to music. With Anna I would share a short but passionate time, before we stopped seeing eachother.
    The music I would finally adapt from her were artists like Nouvelle Vague, Meiko, Ingrid Michaelson, Laura Marling, Adele and a general liking for the genre, but I also got into The Offspring after listening to Self-Esteem. The Offspring would respark my interest in the genre, reviving my interest in Unwritten Law, Alkaline Trio.

    After quitting my study and returning to my hometown.
    Coming back to my hometown was very weird, because I was a new person and had a new life where I made some new friends and was part of a fraternity (in the fraternity I would also meet a girl who acquintated me with St. Germain).
    During this period of my life I became quite isolated, having only contact with my two best friends.
    This was because me and my friends went seperate ways as we all went to new places and schools (and thus me going to Leiden).

    It was then that I started to develop my love for the singer-songwriter genre, and started to broaden my music taste in general. I discovered Erin McCarley during the periode where I was enjoying Adele. But also started listening to something completely the opposite (), such as Combichrist and :Wumpscut:.

    Then there was a phase where I would be gaming a lot, and me and my friend started playing Borderlands. I instantly got hooked to one of the soundtrack artists: DJ Champion.

    Months later I would meet Stephanie who would later turn out to become my third girlfriend, and my second real lover. During the 4 months she introduced me and got my hooked to The Cure. She also introduced me to 3OH!3 and The Killers, a band I picked up and got hooked to after we broke up.

    After the break up I met Digna who introduced me to Veto.

    One of my female friends told me to listen to John Mayer, but it was when I met Judith that I started to listen to John Mayer during our times together.

    My friend AionTeh later introduced me to the Gorillaz's new album Plastic Beach. This and other work for the Gorillaz grew onto me on my holiday in Turkye.

    I listen to all the bits and pieces that have taken a place in my life.
    If you are still reading this, thank you for your time, and feel free to recommend me something new, maybe you can take a place in my life, or my musical taste atleast.
  • My history of hairdying

    Mar 22 2007, 20:54


    Withered pink



    Dark Brown (pretty much black)

    Short near Platina-Blond

    Short Dark Brown (with facial hair)

    Midlong Black

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  • Electro-fied

    Feb 11 2007, 15:05

    Lately I've really gotten into electro music.
    Stuff like Goldfrapp, Peaches, Air, Rogue Traders, and Datarock are atleast listened to once every day.

    If someone knows more artists that follow that line, feel free to leave me a comment with your recommendation.
  • Merveilles Songtitle Translation (Jap & Fr > Eng)

    Dic 10 2006, 22:13

    Some translations for the song title's from Malice Mizer's album merveilles.

    1. Merveilles
    2. Syunikiss ~the second lamentation~
    3. Bel Aire/Verte Aile ~in the void of time~
    4. Illuminati
    5. Brise
    6. Aegean ~recollections on the winds~
    7. Au Revoir (French: Good bye)
    8. Ju te Veux (Distorted French: I want you)
    9. Sub Conscience
    10. Heaven
    11. Nocturne in the Moonlight
    12. Merveilles's Forest (edited thanks to feedback)

    Related link
  • Visual Kei/J-Rock Podcast site

    Apr 28 2006, 18:19

    Found a nice website which has a lot of Visual Vei/J-Rock podcasts.. What is nice is you can DL em too!
    (Oh and some crap J-Rap/J-Pop too :S).

    I love Clothoid+Doll - Dedicate Flounce! They sound like a female version of Moi dix Mois! GREAT STUFF!

    Other stuff thats findable there:
    the candy spooky theatre - Merry go Round
    Puppet Mammy - murasaki koi seorii (sounds like bit like DIR EN GREY.)
    Kahimi Karie - Lolitapop Dollhouse (strangely reminds me of Rasputina)
    D - Yami Yori Kurai Dokoku no a Cappella to Bara Yori Akai Jonetsu no Aria (this stuff rules!)
    Head Phones President

    For the rest, look for yourself!
  • Data submission

    Apr 22 2006, 16:50

    It's being a bitch atm, got 120+ songs cached up atm, but it apparently isn't able to do the handshakes.
    Last response says: UNREADABLE. Wtf?
  • Bara No Seidou Songtitle Translation (Jap->Eng)

    Apr 18 2006, 19:44

    Translations for the song title's from Malice Mizer's album Bara No Seidou.

    1. Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake (Introduction of Malice and Tragedy, Coloured by the Rose)
    2. Seinaru Toki Eien no Inori (Sacred Time, Eternal Prayer)
    3. Kyomu no Nakadeno Yuugi (Amusment in Nothingness)
    4. Kagami no Butou Genwaku no Yoru (The Dancing in the Mirror, The Illusion of the Night)
    5. Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku (The Promise We Exchanged in the Dead of Night)
    6. Chinurareta Kajitsu (The Blood Smeared Fruit)
    7. Chikasuimyaku no Meiro (Waterfall in the Underground Maze)
    8. Hakai no Hate (End of Destruction)
    9. Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu ai to Kanashimi no Rondo (The Rondo of Sadness and Love Driven Crazy by the White Skin)
    10. Saikai no Chi to Bara (Reunion of Blood and Roses)

    Translations done by: Ukyo Mishima

    Thought some people might've been interested in it.
  • My Musical Evolution

    Apr 12 2006, 20:21

    I started off with Kiddie music (1-7years old)

    After then came my phase (Think of an 8 year old hearing the word fuck the first time lol) ; Stuff like Eminem & Dr Dre

    After which came the / phase (Think of happy melodic electronical tunes) in which I dropped the Hiphop.
    Stuff as DJ Tiesto

    Then came the phase (Think of in which I dropped the Trance.
    Stuff like Lady Dana, Technoboy)

    After the came the in which I dropped the Hardstyle.
    Stuff like DJ Outblast, Impulse Factory, DJ Promo, Catscan & Angerfist

    By now I picked up some , U2 mainly.

    Then I met Rissara (Natt) and then came my 'descension' into the 'darkside'. In which I dropped the all that became for, the mainstream stuff.. :p

    Out came the bands like Rasputina and the bands like Kidneythieves & Marilyn Manson and the bands like Evanescence.

    Afterwards I got into / from which I went into other versions (, , etc) too.

    I kept all my alternative music as of today, and am broadening that horizon with music as ,, , , Visual Kei.
  • Abandoned buildings

    Apr 11 2006, 14:35


    This one just reminds me of Jurassic Park.

    Seems like the perfect place to look for inspiration for horror movies, hehe.

    The website with all of it
    Mind you it's JAPANESE, but just click the images and scroll down and click on one of the buttons to see next pages.

    Thought these pictures might interest people. I know I did.
    I know I'd love to explore these buildings.

    Your thoughts?