• Multi-talented indie rocker Matt Gouette wants to 'do it all'

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    Norwich Bulletin
    Posted Nov 22, 2007 @ 04:46 PM
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    New London, Conn. —

    Some local bands have small ambitions — they just want to play what they love. Some are completely content with playing once in a while, staying in Eastern Connecticut, making music a hobby.

    Not Matt Gouette.

    “I want to get out of here,” Gouette said. “That’s what I always wanted. ... If I had to sell out, I would.”

    Gouette wants to make it in the music industry, but he’s one of the few who could make it on sheer talent alone — think Todd Rundgren, Nick Lowe, David Bowie. Gouette, 26, of New London, is a maverick, a singular figure who writes, records and produces his music; like the men above and the Stevie Wonders and Paul McCartneys of the world, he’s a one-man band.

    His venture began early with boombox recording — laying the beat on one casette in a boombox, laying the vocals on a second casette in a second boombox while tape one rolled, and so on, until generating a track with multiple layers. He upgraded to a four-track player, then to a DR-5 (a composer that acts as a programmable backing band). He plays and uses the equipment to compose his own original songs. And he rarely uses computers.

    “I actually kind of pride myself a tiny bit on the fact that I don’t use computers,” Gouette said. “I use a Roland Br-8. It takes zip discs. It’s kind of limiting, but I found a way [around] that stuff.”

    Despite the somewhat antiquated equipment, Gouette strives for lush production, which is evident on his songs. His style is across the board, taking cues from all of his influences. He admitted, however, to somewhat of a John Lennon fetish.

    “It’s just something that happened and I just started going into the library and getting Beatles albums,” he said. To wit, he even looks like Lennon, circa 1977.

    But Gouette takes no lost weekends. He’s finishing an album and working on a “side project,” the Cassingles: a fictional garage rock trio out of Southeastern Connecticut. He plays all instruments and vocals.

    “The funny thing about that is it’s fun for me to play drums and ... layering all the stuff,” he said. “It’s so much fun to write songs about stupid things and just rock out.”
    Gouette expects to release the Cassingles album in December.

    But garage rock and indie are small aspirations for Gouette. There are broader things on the horizon.

    “I would write jingles for commercials, I’d like to score films,” he said. “I kind of want to do it all.

    “I’d write songs for hip hop artists ... I don’t care.”