• Death Cab for Cutie

    Set 26 2010, 15:11

    Unfortunately, when I first heard a couple of songs from this band, I didn't take to them well.
    In fact, I hardly took to them at all; I really do regret it. It's been within the last 2 years of my life, that I've very slowly accumilated a decent taste in music and they've become one of my favourite bands since.
    I re-discovered 2 weeks ago Their album Transatlanticism and I have to admit it's now taken over as my favourite of their albums, only just beating plans.
    It's ridiculously beautiful and all I can really say is you should listen to it if you haven't already done so.

    I'm really sorry I'm ridciously inactive on this site, but I genuinely forget about having it and there's not really much to say or do on here.
    And, if anyone is reading this, feel free to talk.

    I'm off again for now
    Hope all is well.
  • Well

    Ago 11 2010, 13:52

    Lykke Li is becoming my favourite artist at the moment.
    Lykke Li

    have fun. ^^