• OLDCODEX rocks

    Ott 22 2009, 11:18

    Ok so last few years (well at least 2) were rather disappointing with all the new musical releases. Just few artist managed to inspire me and my old loves became week.
    You all know that i'm mad about 梶浦由記 and BUCK-TICK, but Kajuras releases this year were rather poor and/or week compared to previous years and BUTC-TICKs album .. well as much as i'm really glad they started being active after 1,5 year since their lat release (album: 天使のリボルバー) i have to say that Memento Mori was just a "continuation and passage back to the roots" album.
    So to this point i must say that the best album of the year is still 相対性理論s (Sotaiseiriron) ハイファイ新書! And hey, guess what, it was release back in January!

    But here i am being obsessed with OLDCODEX now :D
    I was looking forward to them ever since Tattsun (Suzuki Tatsuhisa/鈴木達央) decided to open his homepage and tell the world about OLDCODEX. I loved the rock samples that were available @MySpace, just the fact itself that they'll do some real rock track made me all exited and teh fact that they'll collaborate with the painter YORKE told me enough. The most amazing thing about everything is that since the release day (yesterday) you can find ripped OLDCODEX on the net. I had doubts to ever see this in net before i would buy the CD and rip it myself (and i was planing to do that around new year when i'll be at Japan). Why is that so? The hack we're talking about seiyuu x music. That never works and never gets on net (accept for really ultra popular ones), well you have weir combinations like GRANRODEO and Black Velvet but that's pretty much it (i'm counting off all female seiyuu here) - in rock genre that it is xD. There was a bunch of releases lately; Kamiya Hiroshi/神谷浩史, Irino Miyu/入野 自由, Suzumura Kenichi/鈴村健一, Miyano Mamoru/宮野真守, soon Fukuyma Jun/福山潤 (hahaha, please don't joke .. this'll make my ears bleed D:), etc; but all we got is some poppy/balad crap that is just not list enable. Ok Mamo-chan actually tried wannabe boi-band music with some hop-hop in it (cause apparently he's pweety enough to try that) and yeah i actually liked, what, 2 songs from the album but anything else ... no thank you.
    With all that crap in the air OLDCODEX is actually nice refreshment. During all this years i came to believe that Tattsun is one of rare seiyuu (if i can even call him that) that can sing to some degree and makes his songs work (god, i still remember how i was irritated because of this when i heard Sukisyo OP, i wanted to hate that song but i just couldn't -.-;;).
    Rock/punk/alternative is really not something you see in seiyuu world every day, in fact i believe this is the first time that this combination appeared together. I got heart attack yesterday when i saw this release @nigihana and i'm drooling like slimy otaku listening to them now.
    Want to know how they sound? Well on their official MySpace you'll find some samples, otherwise you can just go to YouTube were you'll find all the songs from the album + mono frontier PV. As for comparison ... I know that i have few more bands on my disc with similar music as theirs but atm only Tribal Chair comes to my mind.
    So if OLDCODEX found its way to the internetz can i hope to get Maeno Tomoakis (前野智昭)"for you..." single soon as well?!

    P.S.: just in case you wonder why i decided to start writing this .... i decided to close down all blogs i have under my nick name Chibi-Chibi since i've done enough of the racket in last 5+ years, and also i came to some conclusions that'll affect my live in some way and backing off of the scene is kinda necessary. At first i had in mind to ban any kind of senseless long writing activity but banning rants about music is impossible :P