a friend in needs a friend indeed above the rest acts to check out asap aknot wot album titles i feel albums i can listen to a million times over without ever having the urge to skip a… and every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me and everytime you feel like crying and im gonna try and make you laugh and if i cant… and if you dont love me let me go and then suddenly it occurs to me ive slept alone before you and though they say its possible i dont see how its probable beautiful crispin hellion fucking glover crispy daniel lee sellers darren hayes makes the world a better place and this is proof people davey this is when i loved you definition of beautiful disturbingly delicious dont wear fear or nobody will know youre there dresden dolls memories drop dead gorgeous beautiful i am in shock epic excitement is seething from every crevice for words i am at a loss for you jake gut me heavenly voices hes actually brilliant hey im starting to feel okay i always knew i would spend a lot of time alone i am so incredibly lesbian for you i cried the other night i dont even know why i dont really care anymore i dont want to be lonely i just want to be alone i fought the war but the war won i have been broken i just want to hold you close but so far all i have are dreams of you i just want your kiss boy i need you tonight cause im not sleeping i really fucking love it i took out the trash today and im on fire i used to say i and me now its us now its we if you ever look behind and dont like what you find theres something you should know… ill be there for you as long as it works for me im empty and aching and i dont know why im glad i didnt die before i met you im gonna die of loneliness im only pretty sure that i cant take any more im sure theyd think again if they had a friend like ben its all in the lyrics its late and im alone and i feel like crying its not for you and i ive saved myself for someone somewheres sweet caress just because youre a fan doesnt mean youve joined the band kevin lets dance nicholas lets thank bjork and antony shall we love pure love its all about love lyrical goddess marry me cillian murphy most people would turn you away i dont listen to a word they say my bodys a temple my favorite song ever in existence there is no competition my life hero nobody gets it nostalgia in the form of song open up your plans and damn youre free people are just people they shouldnt make you nervous people songs and albums that make me feel better about myself or make me think or… people who make my world a better place for one reason or another pig and runt quite possibly the best song ever and were talking ever in existence reasons to love shannon hoon remixes worth listening to safe in my own skin seen live since the invention of the kiss so i wait for the day for the courage to say i love you so let the tears stream so slide over here something was stolen song titles bushky likes songs i absolutely love stay with me dont want to be alone taken from my soul thank you dad thank you darren this is me the best film score ever created period hands down thank you theres a shortage of perfect breasts in the world it would be a pity to damage yours they dont see you as i do i wish they would try to this is all i need in order to live this is true love do you think that happens every day this is what it means to create music from your soul that speaks to others in… this song could cure any illness that i may come into contact with in my life… we dont believe in you we dont believe in you and your wrecking crew why are we so alone even with company without you everything falls apart wont someone listen