Glitch without Narrative


Giu 28 2011, 5:01

Fri 24 Jun – The Future #007 presents Brainfeeder

Flying Lotus can take you to space and back. At HARD Halloween 10, he introduced himself to the heads with an opera of synths and hip hop verses, beginning the set with a climb over an ambient aural mountain, giving way to a fight of rhythms against a rapid fire of snares and sounds. It was as epic as you can imagine it.

This show didn't have a narrative to its experimentation, letting the sounds fall to merely noise.

For every 3 or so songs, FlyLo would just end the set. Another 3 songs, another fade out. "Let's try something out." "Here's some unreleased stuff." Discouraging words, especially considering it sounds like this is being treated more like practice then an actual concert I paid $22 for ($27 if you bought at the door). For half the price, High Contrast wrote an opus the night before, no pauses included.

The Gaslamp Killer displayed this error the most clearly, playing only the first verse of Gimme Some More with absolutely no transition time, effectively destroying the story that was being started with that song.

needs to have a story to weave the sounds into something danceable. If that effort isn't made, we might as well be watching a webcast or listening to a good set on Mixcloud or, supporting the practice to make that narrative available when a price is paid.



    couldnt agree more with you. it was whack.

    Giu 28 2011, 17:24
  • Noxneo

    With that being said, I thought that TEEBS was the highlight of the show and performed fantastically.

    Giu 30 2011, 19:24
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