Iron Maiden Rampagee! Diary


Gen 27 2007, 15:02

okay I thought it would be funny to listen to all Iron Maiden Albums (of the 80s...) in a row

started at 15:45

First Album playing:
Iron Maiden
I really love this album becaus of its emotionality and the really good production
i have already enjoyed Sanctuary, one of my favourites on the whole album; and Prowler which has AND is an awesomeintro
now its 15:59
playing Phantom of the Opera!
GOD i adore this song
2 tracks to mention would be Transylvania and of course Strange World
Tranylvania is a good instrumental and the way it goes into Strange World is simply cool.
now playing Charlotte the Harlot
I love the songs about Charlotte so I can say that its a really really good song
Iron Maiden is just classic AND good

Second Album:
the album isnt as good as the debut in my opinion but it has some nice tracks 2 cool instrumentals (The Ides Of March *brilliant* and Genghis Khan *brilliant* ...) and a cool cover :)
its 16:26 and im listening to Wrathchild... TEH UBER SONG!! one of the best non-epics, perhaps the best
played Murders In the Rue Morgue which is a good song too
Gengis it's a really fast and amazing instrumental with great drums not as good as Ides of March though i think
Innocent Exile is a good song but not tooo special i think , kinda filler
Prodigal Son is TEH second UBER SONG on the album, an amazing epic
Purgatory would be a great and beautifull end for the album but there 2 tracks left...
one of them is good with great voacals (Twilight Zone) and the other is filler to me
let's summarise: 2 Awesome songs, 2 amazing instrumentals, 3 really good songs and 4 fillers

The Number of the Beast!
New album, new singer
It's by far better than Killers in my opinion and it's the debut with bruce dickonson on the vocals who is one of my fave vocalists.
starts with Invaders, which i first totally hated but now i only strongly dislike the chorus
it comes to Children of the Damned One of the best songs on the album just brilliant how it "explodes"
The Prisoner has a GREAT! intro, it's a really good song with an great chorus
17:19 22 Acacia Avenue
another song about charlotte and HELL its awesome the drums, the guitars, the bass, the chorus, the slow part in the 3:40... best song about a prostitute ever
the title track The Number of the Beast Holy shit! What an Intro! The guitars! The Bass! The Drums! The Scream! The Vocals! THE SOLOS! it's just perfect!
This IS the best non-epic! (sorry wrathchild)
Run to the Hills what should I say of course not the best song on the album and of course not the best song at all but who cares?? Bruce's vocals are awesome! the rhythm is awesome! okay it's overplayed but I still like it
gangland ... yawn im not sure what's wrong with this song but it IS definitive wrong I think it's just a weak filler
I never noticed Total Eclipse but hey! it isnt that weak! it's catchy :)
17:43 it comes to the third and the last awesome song on the album
Hallowed Be Thy Name
it's definitive an masterpiece: the solos are incredible , the lyrics and voacals are just perfect...

okay now its 17:50
time to pause...

see ya at 18:00

Piece of Mind
new drummer! I myself am a big fan of Nicko's drumming so the opener Where Eagles Dare is something really special to me. The drumming in this song amazes me every time i listen to this :) great song!
Revelations is an brilliant piece of music. I enhoys how it changes from hard to soft, from slow to fast, everybody is doing his job perfect and the solo part is...just incredible!
18:17 What should I say aboutFlight of Icarus??? so short...sooo perfect! soo slow...sooo melodic! one of my favourites on the album
Die With Your Boots On is definitive NO filler! it's a really good song. it's a pity that this song is between two of the best songs of the album...
18:28 it comes to The Trooper!!! great non-epic not as good as TNOTB but hell awesome solos awesome rhythm awesome vocals awesome song!
Something softer Still Life and yeah i like it! call me gay!
filler time!
after a short break it comes to the epic on this album To Tame a Land this song is pure awesomeness! the whole solo part is AMAZING!

best sound of an maiden album ever!
Aces High is probably the best opener on an Iron Maiden album. fast and the so los are extreme good!
19:112 Minutes to Midnight is another great song with a great solo and a great riff and great lyrics! I enjoy this song better than Aces High
Powerslave also has a great instrumental (perhaps the best!!): Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
Flash of the Blade is a nice track about fighting aswell as The Duellists i personally prefer duellists.
Back in the Village is a good song too but some kind of a filler
Powerslave really heavy song with a great solo, great riff and a great topic!
19:43 Rime of the Ancient Mariner God what an epic it's perfect: the slow and atmospheric part, the melodies, the topic, the bass, the vocals anf the solos

Before i'll start with the progressive albums i have to pause

Somewhere In Time
unpopular but nevertheless awesome album with a funny cover
Caught Somewhere In Time unusual long for an opener but friggin awesome song with amazing solos
Wasted Years has a cool intro and aswell a catchy chorus and nice solos
The Bass and the Guitars in Sea of Madness are very powerfull and a pleasure to listen to. The softer part is really nice aswell
20:24 Heaven Can Wait, my 3rd favourite song on the album, really awesome vocals and guitars. I love the melodies, the topic, the bridge and the solos


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner simply the best song on the album just f*cking perfect, perfect melodies, perfect vocals, perfect solos, perfect atmosphere
Deja Vu and Stranger In a Strange Land are really good songs
Alexander the Great is a real epic and atmospheric masterpiece with great a solo. i really dont know why i prefer The loneliness...

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Do I have to say anything about this album??
I dont have to but i want to!
It's the album with the special cover
Moonchild is the opener and a real good one! good drums, good guitar and good solos =)
Infinite Dreams atmospheric with great keyboard
The Evil That Men Do
classic and amazing
the title track is a good prog song
The Prophecyis a great song too but my favourite is The Clairvoyant great lyrics, great bass and great guitars
Only the Good Die Young is a great end of an good album

22:29 FINISHED!!


  • ENKC

    Respect man. I can't imagine trying to seriously do all that in one go. Hallowed Be Thy Name is the best song out of all of those, by the way.

    Feb 7 2007, 10:22
  • Spectacle

    Nice going dude! IRon maden truly is a great band... Hope they come to Slovenia on this tour=)

    Feb 8 2007, 7:14
  • Hatzl

    thx guys but it isnt that hard im going to see them live :D

    Feb 10 2007, 15:15
  • CptWenis

    Awfully nice run, I've done this with AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, but never Iron Maiden. Hmmmm... now you've got me thinking...

    Mag 15 2007, 3:09
  • TheDorkCheese

    I disagree with Innocent Exile being filler, and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner NOT being filler (well, compared to the rest of the album) but other than that your list kicks ass! Somewhere In Time is painfully underrated (other than that track, just IMO though).

    Lug 17 2007, 4:11
  • Razaak666

    Quest for Fire is filler, but sun and steel is not. Although i could listen to the former if i was die hard.

    Lug 27 2007, 19:13
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