• Overground

    Gen 19 2015, 22:24

    My point though was that there exists a mainstream within the underground. A midstream or midground if you will. Another way of putting it would be the different levels of popularity within a given sub-genre, say thrash for example...

    Mainstream - Big 4
    Midstream - German 3, Testament, Exodus, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Dark Angel, Vio-Lence, Death Angel, Forbidden etc
    Underground - Deathrow, Cyclone, Razor, Exumer, Onslaught, Atrophy, Sacrifice, Artillery, Morbid Saint, Rigor Mortis etc
    Obscure - Ulysses Siren, Armoros, Sedition, Arachnid, M.S.T, Abacinate, Stygian, Attaxe, Formicide, Mystik, Turbo, Phantom Crew

    I'm sure this probably applies to Japanese Grindcore as well, certain bands being more widely known and therefore more accepted than others.
  • The Ironhearted

    Set 13 2010, 9:19

    The earth, scorched, ruined and smelling of the most putrid sulfur did not deter a single soldier, whose silver armor gleaming in what little light escaped the abysmal and crackling sky, from their lines facing all manner of demons, perverted, and vile things. The centurion captain made the signal to charge and all, following the example made by Him so long ago, gave all of themselves for the salvation of mankind.

    The Valorous.

    The Immortal.

    The Ironhearted.