A tremendous and uncompromising foray into the bizarre and destructive


Lug 2 2010, 20:25

Artist: Masonna
Album: Frequency LSD
Label: Alien8 Recordings

[Excerpt from our Album Review on Groovemine.com]

....Frequency LSD is a 40 minute attack of Masonna’s vicious screaming through a semi-circle of stompboxes, augmented with soaring washes of manipulated feedback, emergency beacon echoes and distortion hiss. Unlike many contemporary noise artists who extend their pieces past the ten or fifteen minute mark, the album rests more into a punk aesthetic by offering fourteen short bursts to the spleen, making this relentless album portioned evenly. Just when your ear-drums feel about ready to bleed, it offers a couple seconds of silence (and a word to the wise…turn your volume knob down to its lowest setting while still being audible before hitting play, then turn it up to taste)....

Entire Album Review on Groovemine HERE


  • AppleKabukiSuri

    omg you listened to an album how tremendously uncompromising of you!

    Ago 10 2010, 6:21
  • bloomindaedalus

    this isn't an ear drum bleeding record by any means. but i agree its slightly novel that the tracks are short

    Dic 12 2010, 18:12
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