Ell Yorker, 29, Maschio, Stati Uniti…Ultimo accesso: Agosto 2012

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  • headhunter187

    new mix tape up check it out let me know whats good im only sending this to heads that i got super with because i know you'll be the people that would really appreciate the dopeness so dont think im spamming you some crap that ur not going to dig so check it out let me know what you think xxXpeaceXxx

    9 Mag 2010 Rispondi


Basically, I'm just very talented guy. I can play a few instruments such as the Sax, Keyboard/Piano, Trumpet and Drums. Hell, if you give me a table with an acoustic mic hooked up to it, I'll play that too. But I enjoy making beats. It's a way for me to vent and it's my way of telling a story. I want to be able to make your spine shiver when you listen to one of my productions. Even if you don't like my style in beat making, you'll love my hunger for music. 99.99% of all my beats are fully original made from scratch and a thought. I have my own sound, and you can't compare me to anyone else because I don't sound like anyone other then myself. I'm in my own genre.

My name is Ell Yorker and I go by a few other names. Some call me GrimEY or DJ GrimEY. And others call me Smilez. That's how I came up with the name G' Smilez. Then I later created G' Smilez Productions. Some people ask me what do WhatsRealGrimEY mean. It's my slogan! What's Real is my way of saying, "What's Good/Wussup". I say What's Real because I wanna what's real. I don't want to know what's good, anything could be good. I don't want to know what's fake. I don't want to hear no fake shit. Therefore I say, "What's Real?". So if you ever see me around just say, "Yo! What's Real GrimEY!" :-)

I don't play live, but I do play live instruments.

It made it so much easier to gain access to your favorite artist' music. No more getting up and going to the store to get cd's and vinyl anymore. I can just order it or download the digital copy straight to my iPod/MP3 player. But it also created a major decrease in sales due to the bootleggers finding leaks to songs, albums, mixtapes, etc..

I would but it depends on the stipulations of the contract. My goal is to go independent as to where I can do as I please with my music.

Back '01-'08 I was a mixtape blend DJ. I've dropped several mixtapes and collabed with a lot of other local DJ's from my town of Jersey City. I put down deejaying because my main focus was that I wanted to become a producer. I than switched my entire musical focus on prodince and composing beats. The follow links are links to my mixtapes. I've recently uploaded them to so that my fans can listen to some of m y pass projects.