• Alarm Pressure - LP CON - OFFICIAL RELEASED

    Mag 10 2010, 23:00

    Dear Friends!
    I'm happy to tell you, that finally our first experimental LP CON today was already OFFICIAL RELEASED by italian experimental net label D.N.A. Experimental Net-Label.

    "How the limits of human audial perception could be overpassed? This is the question on which Alarm Pressure based its incredible first record "CON", a mixture of the most distant genres with a reflection on sound and the limits of instruments and ears. Can you imagine the result? Now on D.N.A. Experimental Net-Label "CON"! Recomended for hi-fi and high volumes!" (c) D.N.A. Experimental Net-Label.

    Album is available for FREE DONWLOAD from D.N.A. site.

    Direct Link for Download

    Thank you! Enjoy the MUSIC!

    Best Regards,
    Nick Acorne

  • Alarm Pressure Live @ Pintagon Club

    Mag 6 2010, 11:00

    Good Day! Sunshine!
    Here is new video clips from our last concert @ Pintagon Club...

    Alarm Pressure with ШИШКА - Jam

    Alarm Pressure - Every Evening

    Alarm Pressure - Cat

    Alarm Pressure - Let Us Lie Like a Cat

    Alarm Pressure - Lie Down Blues

    Alarm Pressure - Last Night

  • lion christian

    Apr 19 2010, 11:23

    Hello everybody, today in the morning my cousin showed me very good video clip, it's the story about lion Christian... well I think better I show you this video... ) no words, only positive vibrations!

    1. (pop version)

    2. (sigur ros version)

    3. (original version)

  • Ohren Im Konzert

    Mar 24 2010, 22:44

    Good Evening!

    Few weeks ago I took part in Music Festival "Muzyka bez granic".
    And there I performed my vocal cycle "Ohren Im Konzert". Here I uploaded video clips from this concert:

    Lyrics - Ernst Jandl
    Music - Nick Acorne

    1) Schtzngrmm

    2) Weltgebrauche

    3) Calypso

    4) Ohren Im Konzert + Jimmi (Alarm Pressure's song)

    Enjoy the video!




    1) Schtzngrmm


    2) Weltgebräuche

    Heller himmel
    In diesem abgrund

    Auf lippen schweben
    Auf grauen haaren

    Ein fremder zweig
    Ohne gärtners hilfe

    Donnernde posaunen
    Mit tränendem gesicht

    3) Calypso

    Ich was not yet
    in Brasilien
    nach Brasilien
    wulld ich laik du go

    wer de wimen
    arr so ander
    so quait ander
    denn anderwo

    Ich was not yet
    in Brasilien
    nach Brasilien
    wulld ich laik du go

    als ich anderschdehn
    mange lanquidsch
    will ich anderschdehn
    auch lanquidsch in rioo

    Ich was not yet
    in Brasilien
    nach Brasilien
    wulld ich laik du go

    wenn de senden
    mi across de meer
    wai mi not senden wer
    ich wulld laik du go

    yes yes de senden
    mi across de meer
    wer ich was not yet
    ich laik du go sehr

    Ich was not yet
    in Brasilien
    nach Brasilien
    wulld ich laik du go

    4) Ohren Im Konzert

    der pianist lässt seine finger in die rinnen, die ein klavier ist, und die flasche spritzt die finger als kölnischwasser in die ohrengalerie. die ohren aber haben keine feinen nasen. daher lassen sie das kölnischwasser in die ohrenständer rinnen, die innen hohl sind bis zu den plüschpolstern, auf denen sie als tiefe brunnen sitzen, und gähnen einander in den mund.
  • Alarm Pressure - @ Art Studio "Sacvoyage" 27.01.10

    Mar 7 2010, 23:29

    We celebrated our 2nd birthday with a good concert @ Art Studio "Sacvoyage". It was really great party. Thank you ALL THE PEOPLE, who came! It was fun and cozy, and we were happy to see you. Thank you, "Sacvoyage", I really enjoyed to play there.

    And of course, girls and boys, our video:

    Every Evening

    Every Evening - yes, it is. it's the other version of the same song.

    Coffee And Tea

    We Are Alone


    Take Off Your Clothes


    We Are Alone - The End (we played it twice)

    Hope you will enjoy it!

    All songs composed and performed by Alarm Pressure
    Alarm Pressure on Myspace
  • Alarm Pressure - Video from Gagarin Fest

    Dic 1 2009, 14:57

    Dear Friends, finally I've made video from our last concert @ Gagarin Fest, Kharkiv.
    And of course I would like to share this video with you... )

    Alarm Pressure

    Let Us Lie Like a Cat

    Every Evening


    Kozmic Girl + Destruction

    Thank you, Nick.
  • Aesthete Iz Dead

    Nov 29 2009, 13:13

    When I heard them at first time, I understood - this is the band I'd like to have them on a CD at home, and listen to them like other bands, I mean like other famous bands I like...
    When I visited their concert I thought - Well, Nick, from now on you know, that there is a really perfect band in your city and they are your friends... )
    I'm a musician, and I've heard for thousand times from my friends after concerts, that they are just happy to be my friends, 'cause I make music they like, but I always thought, that it's just a joke, maybe it's still a joke, when they talk about me, but as for me I understood, what they wanted to say to me... 'cause I've said the same to this band - I'm happy to be your friend, 'cause your music is amazing!

    Some video from the band I like:

    Aesthete iz Dead Live at jazzter Club, Kharkiv.

    Black Angel

    I try

    Freak Song

    I'll never fall asleep

    Black Angel (Hard vers.)

    Aesthete Iz Dead on Myspace
    Aesthete Iz Dead on YouTube

    Thank you, hope you enjoy this band also. ^)
  • Good Day!

    Ott 31 2009, 10:19

    And once again I'll try to say:

    I decided to put here some bands, actually my friends, who make great music, which sounds really fresh... as for me... So here are this bands:

    Aesthete iz Dead
    Alarm Pressure

    And some bands from Russia, I really enjoy their music:

    Самое Большое Простое Число

    And some bands from Munich (Germany):


    All this artist aren't very popular, so I think this ad will be useful )
    Thank you, and hope you'll enjoy their music as me... )
  • Well.

    Ago 1 2009, 21:53

    Well. I didn't write here for so looongg time, that I'm ashamed, but ok... I have to do smth... ) Well I'll try. )

    First of All - some videos )



    Einstürzende Neubauten

    Good Luck and hope to see you soon.
  • Alarm Pressure - live @ Fete de la Musique

    Giu 28 2009, 12:26

    The best photos from our concert I've ever seen...
    Artem, thank you so much!

    Photos by Artem Dobritskiy.