This is one I've been waiting for...


Giu 14 2007, 21:19

So, today I bought the Instant Karma album. And while I was there I also got a couple of other things. Which brings today's purchases to:

Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur (this is full of fantastic artists doing fantastic covers)

Lies For The Liars

Wincing the Night Away
Which brings this year's totals to... well, I'm not sure XD.


  • spikemobile

    hello there. can you please give me a hand with this album? would love to have this one? can you upload it, say onto or any other filesharing website (except for rapidshare and megaupload). will be much obliged! if we had it in our part of the world, i would buy, but we don't.. if you need anything from my connection (judging by the charts of mine), i'll gladly hook you up with anything.

    Set 17 2007, 17:05
  • spikemobile

    actually i have just gotten a hold of a copy on the web, and will be downloading it soon. but the tracklisting is somewhat lacking.. at least it doesn't include all the songs that are presented at the page of instant karma. if you have the lacking tracks and the exclusives, maybe, could you hook me up? thanks.

    Set 17 2007, 17:45
  • GreenerSouthpaw

    I don't know, if I was going to get that album, I would definitely buy it. It kind of defeats the purpose not to give the artists the money for the charity program. It's one thing to take money from the artists themselves, who often don't care, but this is a charity album.

    Set 17 2007, 18:39
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