• My First Foray Into Metal

    Giu 21 2008, 21:25

    Fri 20 Jun – Atre Este, Gomorra, Hybrids of Exile

    well i'd never gone to a concert before (shocking i know) and a few of my buddies were in the bands playing so i decided to make this show my first. My buddy Quinn was in the starting band, Gomorra and they riled up the crowd into the first mosh pit and tried their best to get the mood going. Then was a power metal band (can't remember the name, i was heavily intoxicated) who played with valor considering it was their last show, joined on stage for one last song by former singer Bailen. Followed by Armstrong's Hybrids Of Exile who put the fuckin metal into the show!! Mosh pit for the majority of their set and actually got the crowd to come closer (a rarity of the night.) Then there was a thrash metal that couldn't interest the audience at all, i walked outside during their set, only time i left the building. And finally my buddy Taylor's newly-joined band, Atre Este wrapped up the show on a high note (to be punny) complete with tons of circle-headbanging and the remaining crowd chanting "Atre Este! Atre Este!" for a good 2 mins before an drum and guitar solo that got a roaring ovation :)