Song Of The Day - 17th October 2008: Dog Boots


Ott 17 2008, 16:54

Planet X / "Dog Boots" / Universe (3) / Jun 2000

Artist: Planet X
Original Album: Universe
Track: Dog Boots

I can scarcely believe this one has remained unpicked. In fact, to relieve my disbelief I've finally taken the step of creating a spreadsheet to document all previous SotD choices, which shall hopefully allow me to cross-reference quicker in future.

Anyway, Planet X is the name for the ongoing collaboration between Derek Sherinian and Virgil Donati. Formerly Tony MacAlpine was also a permanent part of the band's line-up along with a revolving door of bassists, but it seems the permanent membership of the project has been stripped down to just Sherinian and Donati for the latest release Quantum. You should, of course, know instantly that Planet X are good just from the fact they're on the InsideOut Music label. Sherinian has frequently been quoted that in forming Planet X he wanted to have a band who "played their instruments so fiercely, that they would strike fear in the hearts of all musicians" Planet X's music is entirely instrumental, and borrows heavily from both metal and jazz, ocassionally described as progressive metal, fusion or even metal fusion. This particular track is notable mainly for its consistently intense double bass pedal hammering, and is one that I'd advise drummers in particular to seek out.

For more of Sherinian, see his solo work. For more MacAlpine see his solo work, Cab (but beware multiple artists with the same name) and Devil's Slingshot. For more Donati, there are free mp3s of the Serious Young Insects released under the name On the Virg here on, but also check out Devil's Slingshot for Donati too. Another Donati/MacAlpine collaboration is former Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force singer Mark Boals's band Ring of Fire, but be aware that this is obviously not the concentrated flurry of instrumental prowess and odd time signatures you should expect from Planet X.


  • GrantRS

    Oh yeah, there are a few now you mention it. Near the end, I think. It's getting to the point with InsideOut where I want every album they've put out. I'm starting looking at the catalogue numbers on the spine and mentally checking them off. Some of the ones I have are only nine or ten apart in their numbering system. I'm thinking I need to get their latest album 2007's Quantum, it's got a few with the amazing Allan Holdsworth after all. No samples available here, must be just your side of the pond. I do recommend the free downloads of Virgil's old project On the Virg though, if you can get those where you are.

    Ott 17 2008, 22:58
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