All-Time Top Songs


Gen 4 2006, 2:09


  • veryclaire

    This is an awesome list - I was drawn to it by Tenacious D, of which I currently cannot get enough :-) Tribute, in particular. Awesome awesome. I want to make a list like this.

    Gen 5 2006, 19:20
  • Spypunk

    Orion by instrumental song ever for me..

    Gen 16 2006, 1:01
  • pinktaco

    This is a good list of songs. Especially Say it Ain't So, More than a Feeling, Wish You Were Here, I beleive in a Thing Called Love, Be quiet and Drive, Orion, Shame, Black, Interstate Love Song, and my favorite, Yellow Ledbetter.

    Mar 26 2006, 7:35
  • ericmroberts23

    cold-confession = amazing

    Feb 10 2007, 3:26
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