Tid: A Swedish netlabel project.


Mag 3 2008, 11:17

"In Spring 2008 seventeen Swedish artists on three Swedish netlabels will give their view on time. Never before has a project like this been done in Sweden.

In these times of illegal downloading people forget that there actually is legal music to download on the internet."

The first album has been released today, available at: http://www.oljud.nu/tid/en

My contribution was composed as Glenn Liljestrand and is featured on the 2nd album, release date May 13th. :)

The site features info and links to all involved artists and labels. One thing they all have in common is the electronica/noise/ambient approach to music. Hope you will find some new favourites!


  • Jordan_C_Darwin

    It's always nice to listen to some free music every now and again. I like to have a look around Jamendo to see what stuff is on there, some good and some excruciatingly bad :D Still, It's a great step forward away from the Sue you, screw the music approach of RIAA :)

    Mag 3 2008, 11:28
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