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    Gen 7 2007, 12:58

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    05 05 2007 20:25

    Find the April 2007 issue of Orkus magazine:

    Although the title suggests a relation to Charles Baudelaire's 1857 collection of poetry, Anna-Varney has stated that this is not the case. "If anything," she said in the first interview after the album release had been announced, "it is related to Jean Genet's novel Notre Dame des Fleurs."

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    About Jean Genet

    1 May 2007, 12:05

    Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap,
    Bar of soap
    Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap,
    Bar of soap
    For I'd slippy and I'd slidy
    Over everybody's hidey
    Oh I wish I were a little bar of soap

    Hello, my Ladies of the Broken Hearts,

    Finally, we come through till new Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows (please tag it as well) album reach our ears from shadowsphere...

    Our group will be shaved, yeah, I'm very happy to know that we are more than 200, but I decided to add new joining condition. New members are able to join to our group only if they have following artist in top 50 (Attention please! It should be tagged as Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows). I believe that it's better not quantity, but quality. Don't you agree?

    If you have questions you are free to ask me personally... Leader GeographyI

    ... and don't forget tag song as La Mort d`Arthur. Don't do choas on main http://www.last.fm/music/Sopor%2BAeternus%2B%2526%2BThe%2BEnsemble%2Bof%2BShadows

    Your comments about new albums are very expecting in our forum.

    Feralia Genitalia. Take care Men-Chocolates and Virgin Queens!

    Into Darkness We'll Fall Back Again.
    8 Jan 2007, 19:25

    We are, we are, we are "the Jugglers of Jusa...!"

    "Shake, shake, shake"... the other side awakes! "

    Sensed being two in one, both woman and man great truth indeed!

    We have 100 Soporish music members!

    The 100th member become Stefaan_6!

    You know it is one aim of this life to balance the extremes
    and unite all the aspects that we wish to deny,
    from which we try to escape and hide.
    If you turn and face the strange then the monsters will change into
    guardians of strength and light. We'll be travelling the spheres of the universe.
    Unser Herz und Geist sind befreit...
    " Shake, shake, shake"...
    until the other side awakes!
    La, la, la... - we are "the Jugglers of Jusa"!"

    On 7 Jan 2007, 20:15

    Added Doctor X, Duax, MONGREL as connections to artist.
    On 24 Dec 2006, 15:43

    No, no, no...- put an end to the show!

    Oh, it's cold and so dark here, and you must keep in mind, no-one can get you out, if you overstep time...!

    A young boy was taking me by the hand and unerringly he was leading me down below the gardens, which I hardly remembered, the moment I took the first step underground.

    There must have been something in my look(s), 'cause the little boy started to speak...

    Hey, everyone from Underworld ( the land where the bone-flowers grow, "the wild, weird clime that lieth, sublime, out of Space - out of Time" ... )! Longest nights have ended (we call her: Moon by Day), we were living in the doom. And now there no escape from the (terrible) world.
    So, constantly I have to control the barrow, the jet-black darkness of the coal-like mass, in order to be there, to repair the damage, to pile all back safely and to replace...

    I'm unhappy to see that I'm not only one not dead but dying and I know:

    Time heals nothing, nothing, nothing

    Number is still growing of us, like flowers of the end.


    Please ensure your location and age if you didn't done this yet.

    The aweful night has gone; what lay before...
    we can't remember.

    Don't forget about our forum --->

    Take my hand in the old 'Theatre Of Seven Hells'

    ...and there will be more artists in ARTIST Connections http://www.last.fm/group/Soporish+music/connections
    Artists who are created some songs for Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows.

    a ferry that bowed its wings

    And I want recommend some good songs nearly similiar Soporish music. I don't name all artists such as Rosa Crux, Ataraxia, Cinema Strange,Audra and etc., because everyone knows its. If you don't know...

    Jupiter arise travelling in silence

    Nascandino (especially if you like Cinema Strange or Die Bunker)
    The Beauty of A Witch

    Personally, I want to recommend (Can I?) artist Kirlian Camera.I Hope You Like It.

    Don't forget that...

    Out of darkness we call came from,
    Into darkness we'll fall back again.

    realism that we all have secrets and fears ...- is it then a surprise that we close our minds from the pain that is causing these tears ?