• V/A AVANT-GARDE(Ultragroove Records)

    Lug 22 2009, 18:27

  • SPECIES - Complexity Moving To Simplicity (Ultra Groove Records)

    Nov 29 2008, 19:27

    label:Ultra Groove Records
    album:Complexity Moving To Simplicity
    cat. number:UG.005
    release date: 19.12.2008
    cd distribution:Arabesque
    digital distribution:Beatport
    mastering:Tim Schuldt - 4CN Studio

    SPECIES - Complexity Moving To Simplicity

    1. Ultimatum
    2. Bonobo
    3. radioACTIVE
    4. Red Spectral Skywalker
    5. Angels
    6. Str8 Suicide
    7. Greasy Fingers feat. Dino Psaras
    8. Electronic Gangster
    9. Brainstorming

    Few labels can claim to have raised the standard in such a short time frame, release after release, as Ultragroove Records have in only 5 releases. A strong reference amidst a scene of waning musical quality, the Belgrade based label has churned out a remarkable sequence of compilations that blast the world over and comfortably sit in the stash-bags of the world’s mightiest DJ’s.

    Species’ Complexity Moving to Simplicity is Ultragroove’s first artist album, and probably the label’s best release yet. As rare a spectacle it is to hear a musician’s work emanate the sensation of effortless simplicity and mesmerizing complexity as one and the same, Aki successfully sheathes this dual quality into a work of powerful elegance. Where the original duo (Aki and Eli) heavily focused on their innate knack for the unusual, Aki has retained this inquisitive appetite for new sounds, yet permeates each track with a more palpable musical identity. Fans will pleasantly recognize the eeriness and “serious” moods segue throughout the album, while the most exigent dj’s will revel in the “hi-tech” sprinkles and sonic acrobatics in delightful alignment with contemporary taste.

    Meticulously arrayed elements surmise rhythmic bursts and explosions of trance-imbued abandon, as a sense of total control dominates the graceful arrangements.
    Altering pace and context via diversity, as displayed in album opener Ultimatum and Angels (tracks n.1 and n.5 - nocturnal dancefloor grinders par excellence) or in Str8 Suicide (track n.6 – a bouncier ‘journey’ track with more space between the beats), the album is a joy for dancer and listener, producer and punter alike. Tracks like Electronic Gangster, Brainstorming and RadioACTIVE (tracks n.8, 9 and 3 respectively) display in full force the rhythmic inertia and colorful arrangement pleasantries that encapsulate Ultragroove’s unique take on “groove”. Red Spectral Skywalker and Bonobo (tracks n.4 and 2 respectively) then sit amidst the above as the funkier, more playful side of Species, luring in unsuspecting crowds to the rest of the album. Finally, we have Aki’s collaboration track Greasy Fingers (track n.7) with another heavyweight: Dino Psaras (Cydonia / Krome Angels) where the two flex their skills on a rollercoaster ride in no-holds-barred, avant-garde electronica.


    Following on the blazing trails of the Species debut album Groove Don’t Come Easy (Etnicanet Records), Complexity Moving To Simplicity stands as a more evolved and coherent album where the unflinchingly dancefloor oriented feel blends with highly original e-music language and psychedelic bursts. An instant classic.


  • V/A BAD COMPANY (Ultragroove Records)

    Mar 22 2008, 19:01

    Ultragroove Records is proud to present BAD COMPANY - a remarkable composite that careens on contrasting nuances: the grind of urban dancefloors seamlessly accompanies melodic festival moods. Following on the blazing trails of the acclaimed Nucleus compilation, dj Aki (Species) assembles 9 brand new tracks that strengthen the label’s growing reputation as a template for avant-garde, musical forward-thinking in psychedelic trance.

    track list:

    01. PION: Busted.
    PION does the honors and opens Bad Company with Busted - an exquisite downtempo groover drenched in the trademark gravitas and elegance that permeate all of Dovla’s works. Busted progressively struts about with solar pad transposing and a plethora of clubland elements that are sure to send waves of delight and euphoria on the dancefloor. Hats off to this ultra-groovy 130 bpm masterpiece, where minute details and extravagant arranging tricks are neither spared nor over-done.

    02. PROSPER: Expensive Process.
    Riding on the worldwide success of his new album (@ Joof rec), Prosper presents another powerhouse track imbued with hypnotic syllables of melody and rhythm. Expensive Process’s playful vocal sample, serpentine bass line and voluptuous synth lead give this exquisite track a techy, electrodelic feel that sparkles with sophisticated sonic refineries. Particularly worthy of note is the sheer elegance of the track’s progression as the arrangement unfolds inexorably.

    03. SPECIES: Chemical Noises.
    Chemical Noises from Aki and Eli is an uncompromising, balls-out nocturnal blast track: attack combos of noise klunked into the jiggiest recesses of the 4/4 structure interweave with gut-knotting ritornellos and teeth-rattling sounds that sear the dancefloor and send it to gibbering hysterics, while a perfectly inserted vocal sample heightens the madness. Coughs of synth and digital audio-smothers color the precisely calibrated, overall tone of this superbly arranged, gargantuan track.

    04. SPACE VISION vs SENSITIVE: Game Over.
    Brazil is currently the most active yet over-saturated party zone where quality often succumbs to quantity. Game Over thus comes as a breath of fresh air: a no-nonsense, straight-to-business pumping track that is currently rocking dancefloors worldwide by the UG agents. The Sao Paulo based projects Space Vision and Sensitive make their entry into Ultragroove with serious moods and aggressive themes.

    05. DIGITAL NUMBER: Crimigen.
    Dj Buca (Vector) and Pion are currently preparing their upcoming debut album. While we wait, the excellent Crimigen foreshadows some of what is to come. Opening with a humorous, uber-cockney vocal sample, the track neatly progresses as each meticulously calibrated element is injected throughout the arrangement. Solar flares of melodic transpose are punctuated by percussive sprinkles and digital noise pleasantries in this fresh example of innovative psytrance.

    06. PION vs AKI (Species): Blackmail.
    Aki’s burly, glitched out sonic devices and Pion’s classy touch combine once again and follow up their previous hit Amnesia (@ Nucleus compilation) with Blackmail. The remarkable duo commandeers the labyrinthine arrangement via subtle licks, fly-by noises and shrapnels of sound that sculpt a glorious, souped-up track. Their combined work results in a coherent, cutting-edge track that shows no incongruity between the pair’s diverse styles. Sure to become a weapon of choice for many dj’s worldwide.

    07. ARKANOYDZ: Astrobot.
    Milan-based Arkanoydz are dj Young, Giotto and Andrea (ex Etnica), who have recently presented their first live act at the legendary Universo Parallelo New Years beach festival in Brazil. Astrobot sashays the listener through an elegant arrangement that wafts along effortlessly and blooms into a feel-good bombast of melodic shockwaves and tricksy sophistication. Already a favourite in the Brazilian party circuit, Astrobot is sure to become a recurring hit among dancefloors worldwide.

    08. SOUNDFORMER: Typical Human Behavior.
    Frantic, abrupt, limberly and ultra-dynamic - welcome to Soundformer’s Typical Human Behavior. Elements scuffle and grind while trickling down into an ordinate, steady arrangement, driven by a funked-up, bouncy bass. As it steadily accelerates, Lakac’s track unsheathes beams of lachrymose, high-note synth that mingle with clever transpose sequences.

    09. ELI: Time.
    Eli’s knack for the unusual and his remarkable proficiency in technical quirks transpire all throughout Bad Company’s closing track Time: the unique mood of its square waveform bass coupled with snarling darts of metallic noise take the listener down highly original, prickly byways that remind us how varied psytrance can and should be