• THE BIG 3/4TH

    Ott 4 2010, 4:31

    Sun 3 Oct – The American Carnage Tour

    wow i didn't think i was going to have as much fun as i did. i had A BLAST!! Anthrax really surprised me because i thought i was only going to enjoy caught in a mosh. they worried me at first because that was the first song they played too but, they really ended up putting on a great show and i think i enjoyed madhouse the best from their set. then FUCKING MEGADETH wow!! best performance i've ever seen from them (3rd time) it was absolutely filled with awesomesauce. they played THE ENTIRE rust in peace album. only complaint i had was that i think they should have gone last. then FUCKING SLAYER holy shit they were sooo fucking loud but it was fun because shit got crazy as hell and they played THE ENTIRE seasons in the abyss album! i thought my neck was going to break at the end when they did reign in blood and angel of death.lol IN THE END, I HAD A HUGE BLAST. of course RUSH the night before was the highlight of the weekend but, at the same time it was a different kind of fun because it was less physical and more jaw dropping can't blink concentration so you can't really compare. lol

    Ott 3 2010, 16:54

    Sat 2 Oct – Rush Time Machine Tour

    it was so amazing my words won't even do it justice. the production was just incredible. from the hilarious skits all the way to the performance set. to me it was like i went on an amazing ride. every single second was so entertaining and my jaw was practically on the floor the whole time especially during the whole moving pictures performance and peart's amazing solo. the time machine concept was pure genius. they had so much to work with and pulled it off exceptionally. and the cameo in the end with the guys from I love you,man was just to die for. i'll be "slappin da bass" in memory of this even for years to come.

    Mag 31 2008, 6:23

    Fri 30 May – Progressive Nation

    WAS FUCKIGN AWESOME!! it was awesome hours before it even started because i met mike FUCKING portnoy and he autographed this poster that i had and took a picture (which is gonna be my myspace pic) well, that one or the one me and my friends took with mikael akerfelt (WHICH WE FUCKIGN MET TOO!!) lol. anyways, the show was awesome asside from a couple of curtain problems and other technical mishaps. we sort of got there late and the first thing me and bobby (my friend) did was get in line to buy shirts so we missed the first 2 bands but, i could careless because they're not my cup of tea anyways. then Opeth came out strong with one of my favorite songs from then called demon of the fall. then they did baying of the hounds then after a curtain incident they performed both wreath and to rid the discease and to top it off they did drapery falls and HEIR APPARENT!! then finally dream theater. words can't describe hoow awesome they were. they pretty much played everything i would want them to play. only bad thing is they didn't play metropolis. =(
    but, it's all right. they more than made up for it and DAMNIT i want jordan's piano guitar!! >.<
  • Symphony X and Into Eternity show!!

    Apr 30 2008, 15:40

    Tue 29 Apr – Symphony X

    OMG WHAT A SHOW!! it was so incredible. me and my friends got to meet stu block and tim roth from into eternity. it was fuckign awesome, they're a bunch of cool guys realy nice and funny. we also took a picture of them which i'll post up later. as for the show, it WAS FUCKING AMAZING. Into eternity opened and did a great set. i only wish epica opened instead because i had to sit through epica to see symphony x but, it was worth it!! lol.

    anyways, back to into eternity. they had a great set. they opened with their new song diagnosis terminal and they also did beginning of the end,splintered visions, sorrounded by night and finaly TIMELESS WINTER!! the came "epicack" wow the torture i had to go through to see symphony x but, again it was worth it. epicack fuckign sucked and the real singer wasn't even there. they had a substitute singer or w/e. now finally on to symphony x OMFG no words can describe how EPIC they were. they had such an epic setlist. half of the songs were from paradise lost and the other half were from their previuos albums. there were too many songs to name so im not gonna bother naming them. they even did a led zeppelin cover LOL. Coolest thing from the show was me screaming my fucking lungs out screamign along to all the songs and russell gave me such a hard high five i hit some bald dudes head from the impact LMFAO. and i also got a pick from michael romeo WITH HIS FUCKIGN AUTOGRAPH. some of my friends got one too. i also recorded some footage from the show and i promise to upload it soon to youtube.
  • atheist/ aghora show review

    Apr 29 2007, 16:57

    Sat 28 Apr – Atheist, Aghora

    last night's show was fucking amazing although i kind of got disappointed with atheist. they weren't as good live as i thought they were but, oh well, aghora and mandrake stole the show anyways IMO. especially mandrake which they totally surprised the shit out of us. they were a kazillion times better than last time we saw them. last tiem the were awful and screwed up so many times and ne of them even broke their guitar strings. but, anyways this time the definately made up for it and i enjoyed their set and of course aghora never ceases to amaze me as well. good fucking show i'll be sore for like a couple more days. ^_^