• A music update for my last.fm journal

    Feb 7 2007, 15:42

    I don't write in here often, but I really should. Last.FM is my music social network and it's a great way to spread the word of what i'm up to. And the people who I spread this word to might even care.

    My music has become a hardcore crazy-go-nutz multitude of sounds and noises that i'm really enjoying. I think i'm half way there. I said in the previous post that I planned on releasing a single to prove that i'm actually working on things, but instead i've been making journals every step of the way to allow people to watch each step that I make. Here's the most recent:

    There's more on youtube, so check them out if you're at all interested in that kind of thing.

    I still don't have an album name yet, but I have a few ideas kicking around. And i'd like to name one song a totally random song name that someone makes up, so i'll take recommendations for that. I always think it's funny when a song is named something that doesn't seem to fit the song at all, and in this case it would totally be that way.

    One hold up so far is I need to pick up a new audio interface that can handle many concurrent inputs. I'm looking at the Firepod and microphones for each input. But it's a little more than I want to spend right now, so tracking drums is having to wait until I can get that new hardware and the mics to go along with it. It's a significant investment that I'll need to make soon.

    So that's that!

  • PandoraFM Hosting Costs

    Gen 16 2007, 18:04

    Hello all.

    Through the hosting service, Dreamhost, I turned on the option to accept donations for the hosting costs of PandoraFM. Anyone using the service is free to donate as much, or as little as they like to help out with the costs.

    I keep a dedicated hosting option for PandoraFM, it's not mixed in with any of my personal stuff to make sure that the service continues to be reliable and as quick as possible. So the fees that I pay for hosting is only for PandoraFM, not my personal web site, email, or anything else.


    Thanks for the continued help in, as BobbyT says, "keepin the r33ts up"!
  • Gabe's album video journal #1

    Nov 19 2006, 23:00


    Now online! Check out what i'm up to!

  • Happy to announce... new music in the making!

    Nov 8 2006, 15:06

    I've spent some time recently working on new music, finally. Even picked up some new equipment to help me on my way. And so far, I'm really happy with things!

    It's songs that have been in the making for over a year now that i'm finally really getting into and spending some quality time with.

    It has a similar sound to my last album, /me, and i'm pretty happy about that. That means that I have an actual "sound". It's the r33t sound!

    I have no idea when i'll have something to release, but I hope to have a multitude of content from Real-ity in the future. I'll probably release a single before all if it is completed, though, just to let everyone know i'm not lying, or something.
  • PandoraFM posted to Digg

    Ott 9 2006, 14:27

    I missed it, but someone posted the announcement of PandoraFM to Digg with some high praise. Stop by to Digg it!


    Included is the ability to switch between both the Last.FM player and the Pandora player in the same frame, easier discovery of other people's Pandora stations and a much more versatile tagging ability (that works even better than Last.FM's tagging).
  • Ladytron

    Ott 7 2006, 19:02

    I saw Ladytron and CSS last night at The Vic in Chicago. I've been looking forward to this show for a while, and man was it worth it.

    Ladytron owned that place. And they really do have the best fans. One of the most overall enjoyable shows i've been to for a long time. No pushing, no shoving, no being jerks. Ladytron was calm, collected, and just played the tunes. No extra showiness or tricks. And man did they play the songs well. Really really good show. Everyone should go see them, now.
  • Release time?

    Ott 6 2006, 20:27

    Due to a few different reasons, I think we will see PandoraFM version 3 going live this weekend. Unless something crazy happens when I can't be around to do so, or something totally broke is found, I think it's about time.

    This isn't to say I don't have a few more things that will be added to it in the near future, but the experience in general is good, and i'm looking forward to everyone using it.
  • My todo list list for PandoraFM

    Set 1 2006, 22:49

    * Test on other browsers other than Firefox (almost tempted not to care :)
    * Add function to allow you to tag, love, ban a "recent" track. Right now you can only do it on the track that's currently playing.
    * Fix everything everyone is going to throw at me when testing :)
  • MP3tunes.com and Last.FM?

    Ago 25 2006, 20:11

    mp3tunes is kind of cool. It's growing in popularity as a way to offsite your music and be able to listen to it anywhere.

    Everyone who uses it, though, who are Last.FM fans miss being able to scrobble your tunes to your profile.

    I've figured out a pretty decent way to put together a system that will allow this to be possible.

    Of course PandoraFM v3 being released is the top of the chain in priorities, but i'll be working on this as well. I'm not sure how fancy it will be, but I think it will do the job and fix this hole in the system people have been enjoying.

  • v3 Status

    Ago 11 2006, 11:38

    Hi all. Just wanted to make a quick post on the status of PandoraFM v3.

    In a turn that is really surprising myself, I'm quite happy with it! I'm using it full time right now, as well as my team of beta testers. Not all functionality is there yet, but it's a nice experience using it. Yay!