Top 10: My First, My Love, My Current


Mag 25 2008, 15:20

Post the top twenty bands/artists on your profile, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. Bloc Party
First - Like Eating Glass
Love - Banquet, This Modern Love
Current - This Modern Love for like the 10th time. :P

2. Pink Floyd
First - Money
Love - Wish You Were Here, Us and Them
Current - See Emily Play

3. The Flaming Lips
First - Race for the Prize
Love - Race for the Prize, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Current - When You Smile

4. Radiohead
First - Airbag
Love - Let Down
Current - Videotape

5. Feist
First - 1234
Love - 1234, I Feel It All
Current - Intuition

6. Björk
First - Army of Me
Love - Army of Me, Hyperballad
Current - Desired Constellation

7. Dream Theater
First - Pull Me Under
Love - Another Day, Surrounded
Current - The Ministry Of Lost Souls

8. Modest Mouse
First - Float On
Love - Dashboard
Current - Lives

9. Broken Social Scene
First - 7/4 (Shoreline)
Love - 7/4 (Shoreline), Almost Crimes (Radio Kills Remix)
Current - Swimmers

10. Martha Wainwright
First - Technically Set the Fire to the Third Bar, but for her alone it was Factory.
Love - Factory
Current - Comin' Tonight


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