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Ago 17 2010, 8:58

I ended up talking about them anyway!

11. Midwinter Graces
I'm not a seasonal person, I hate Christmas, but I'll check it out more this winter.

10. Abnormally Attracted To Sin
Not a bad album, but it could do with being shorter.

09. Strange Little Girls
Originally at number eleven, I moved it up two places after re-listening. Some of the tracks have grown on me quite a bit. My favourites would be '97 Bonnie & Clyde, Rattlesnakes, Time and Raining Blood.

08. American Doll Posse
Again, this needs to be edited. I wasn't feeling the personas until recently. There's some gold in this one.

07. To Venus and Back
Good follow up to Choirgirl and I love the electronica. The second disc contains my all-time favourite Tori song too (Cooling), so it's win-win!

06. Scarlet's Walk
I dig the mature warmth of the album. Even the sadder songs are full of this awesome light.

05. The Beekeeper
I adore Hammond organ, and she works it in this album! Too bad last.fm won't scrobble it properly, but I really love how positive this album is compared to her other albums. There's no melodrama which is nice!

04. Under the Pink
One of the trifecta when it comes to Tori's work and I can't blame people for loving this one. I adore Past the Mission and Baker Baker was one of the first Tori songs I really felt.

03. Boys for Pele
Her most loved album within her fans, right? It's a great album and I love the use of the harpsichord. Definitely inaccessible at first, but I remember milking Beauty Queen/Horses, Blood Roses and Hey Jupiter. Even if certain parts are still cryptic for me, I appreciate the musicianship in this album.

02. Little Earthquakes
This is the first album I bought of Tori's album (actually my dad bought it me but that's by-the-bye!) and I listen to it a lot before I sleep. Initially it was one of my least favourite Tori albums, but I love it dearly now. Awesome!

01. From the Choirgirl Hotel
Where do I start with this album? Not one bad song on this album and I love every single on in its own way. Playboy Mommy and Northern Lad break my heart each time and I adore it when rock musicians go electric.

[05-09-2010]: I decided that SLG isn't so bad after all, therefore I moved it from 11 to 09.
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