• Scarred by cassette tapes.

    Mag 30 2007, 22:27

    For most of my life, I was what you'd call a "passive listener." After years of using tapes, I was used to listening to every song on an album, in order. Even the bad tracks.

    Last.FM changed all of this. Even now, in the computer age, most of my listening habits are based on loading a certain CD into my player, and maybe hitting shuffle if I'm feeling random.

    Now I'm actually thinking like a DJ again (I used to radio DJ in college). What tracks do I actually like to hear? What is just okay, but makes good filler? What are songs that I only tolerated because they were between two really good songs? What about other people who aren't familiar with the same bands that I am? Should I only include their best tracks?

    I'm going to have to re-think everything I know about putting playlists together.