I have a problem with The Zombies


Apr 21 2012, 16:28

Listening to Odessey and Oracle, an album I want to be able to enjoy, since it is extraordinary well crafted and has all prerequisites for being pretty much perfect (and perhaps a good companion to my loves, Smile and Pet Sounds). Baroque pop is not an easy genre. Psychedelic pop and sunshine pop most definitely aren't either; it takes a lot for it to really work. Many bands (like Harpers Bizarre) just disappear into some awkward vagueness, trying to be hip or whatever. Not all bands are like The Beach Boys of 1967.

That is why I find it so sad that I just can't reconcile with The Zombies. They should have had a Murry Wilson to shout at them: "YOU'RE FLAT!". I am being ironic and honest at the same time saying this. Thing is, I do know that the Wilson boys took a lot of shit from their father and that he did things to them that are equal to abuse, but honestly - he did do some good too. Where did Brian Wilson get his perfectionism from? His seriousness? His dad was more than just a sadist; he actually helped them a great deal too. He has got a hand in their harmonies being beyond perfection.

My problem with The Zombies is small but annoying enough. It's obvious that I am not a friend of THEIR VOCALS. I can't stand it when harmonies aren't 100% perfect, or when someone's too far on the false side (and I can't stand too much polish either). It can be used for awesome effects when done right, but I'm sorry Zombies, this is not it.

Goddamnit. Wish my ears were a bit less fastidious. And maybe a little that The Zombies had their own Murry Wilson.


  • RottingGrass


    Mag 1 2012, 13:03
  • meanmrmustard

    the vocals are definitely a little iffy on Odessey and Oracle, but most vocals are compared to the Beach Boys. nothing can justify abuse, though.

    Mag 15 2012, 20:47
  • FridaLouise

    You cerial? As if I would justify abuse. My point is that Murry Wilson didn't just abuse his boys. He loved them too and he helped them a lot. They loved him too, and I think it's unjust that all the fans are hating on Murry as if they knew him. Break Away is one of my favourite BB songs and it was written by Brian together with Murry. Listen to this (Carl and Al talks about Murry) http://open.spotify.com/track/45nhEFp2O0VUEbzhAwirkS

    Mag 24 2012, 10:05
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