Bands/artists I need to check out



  • clockwisecarrot

    pretty average list imo, Damien Rice wtf, Modest Mouse wtf, Deftones wtf Queens of the the Stone Age wtf

    Mag 31 2010, 6:16
  • FluffyUnderwear

    Well, I just removed Modest Mouse and Damien Rice, don't think I'll be listening to their albums for now. Added other bands.

    Mag 31 2010, 11:18
  • Megatron-1

    add Refused. You ought to get into them.

    Giu 3 2010, 8:14
  • FluffyUnderwear

    Experiment hardcore punk? Fuck yeah.

    Giu 3 2010, 8:17
  • Derek-H

    Still insisting that Maybeshewill is well worth your time. They've only got two albums and a brief EP to cover: very enjoyable, albeit short discography thus far.

    Giu 12 2010, 21:41
  • clockwisecarrot


    Giu 26 2010, 6:03
  • mathcore16

    looking through this list, i'm pretty sure you'll like DFA79, beirut and Beardfish almost immediately, definitely get on that shit

    Nov 14 2010, 9:19
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