• Progressing Taste in Music

    Mag 13 2008, 19:01

    It all started with my friend's addiction to a band called Sum41. Away from hit collections, into whole albums and at least a bit away from and mainstream.
    Blink182, Greenday and others followed, I consumed almost only bands these for about 3 years.

    Then, one fine day, I bought Burnout for my xbox.
    Indeed, boring and not important.
    Mh, the soundtrack was. Thrice's song 'Lullaby' just blow me away and from one day to the other I totally was into 'heavier' (sounds a bit ridiculous to me by now) music.
    Unwritten Law, Rise Against and Finch moved my musical taste more into .

    Another fine day, I randomly clicked some links on youtube and found a genre called . All That Remains is the band that got me into this 'genre'.
    Oh fuck.
    I was totally impressed of the "genius combination of soft and hard parts" and for few months metalcore was THE THING for me.

    Bleed The Sky finally got me into very little progressive music. I can't remember how it actually was, but i thought BSS were absolutely incredible, progressive, etc. and searched progressive bands - but found only 'shit'. At least I thought at that time.
    Tool, Porcupine Tree, actually the more famours prog bands.

    Well, i did'nt give up searching and when i heard Reverie/Harlequin Forest from Opeth i was totally blown away. From that glory day in my music history Opeth grew and grew on me.

    got more and more boring, harder and more experimental kinds of metal more interesting.

    I dare to say that, today i've got a very various taste of music. I am acutally very choosy with almost every genre, espicially and . I really like both of these genres, but i know very few bands that really flashed me. (hard to say to explain this in a foreign language, i don't expect you to understand^^)

    So as you see, i am unfortunately not trve and chvrchbvrning, but at least i can say that i would never listen to music i don't like.
    I respect bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest very much, but to be honest i don't like their music and wouldnt listen to them just because they're cult bands or something.

    Well, this journal is crap. I just wrote it to practice my english a bit and to have a first journal ;-).

    Thanks for reading my crap, please leave comments if you read it.
    Feel free to write in my Shout Box and/or recomment me new music/bands i could like. :-)