Brani (17)
Brano Album Durata Ascolti
The Lottery Of Man's Wisdom 2
Altar Calls Or Caskets... Brought To You By The Corrupt Crusaders 4
Ambulance Weddings And Short-Lived Casket Honeymoons 5
Sackcloth And Ashes Should Be The New Fashion This Season 6
Chalk Outlines Cover The Dance Floors 6
Frog X Cannot Move Because it is, in Fact, an Ex-Frog 1:16 7
Swimming My Heart Out Like A Fish Against The Current Of Pollution 9
The Hag Vs. The Night Of A Thousand Heists 4:44 20
A Butcher, A Baker, What's The Difference? 2:01 21
Anxiously Awaiting The Death O 24
Chalk Outlines Cover The Dance 25
Dead Kid Not Included 27
Mr. Jones' Farm And The Tower 27
how the plane crash became a cliché 3:47 27
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Weapon Inspectors 2:04 27
Back To School In Sackcloth An 28
Ambulance Weddings And Short-L 30