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Mar 7 2008, 0:04

So so so!

I missed many opportunities to start (musically) reviewing the past time. First: no time! exams! shit! Second: Question: Do I have to wait for any special moment/event/date? Hum, I guess not. So I didn´t write anything although I was for instance curiously waiting to come my last-fm anniversary. An celebratory occasion to comment on all that! Checking all those stats, top artists .. rolling 3 months (what did I listen to all the time instead of learning?), rolling 6 months (what musical inspirations did I get beginning with my time
in Spain and whilst my personal horror at university?)?! Which artist(s) grew up in that time? Did I change my taste?
I don´t know if I did. But what I do know is that music has become even more important than it was before. It´s not "only" listening to (or singing and playing) and being into discovering new things - it´s a lot more (see my handbook-half-philosophic closing words). And all that having less time for it. Sounds strange? When I´m telling you that I listen to some hundred tracks less per months than before it´s easily explained by the fact that I don´t have to sit at home learning anymore. By the way - I confess- I couldn´t really learn while listening to music. Can´t concentrate, must listen!! So - sounds strange again? No, that´s me, a concept that is supposed to fail, but somehow I got it all together and it DID work. I really never ever expected that, but things succeeded much better than I ever dared thinking of and I certainly would have died without my music in this passed half year! I must list up my personal survival-package-track-listing (I love hyphenating!) as it´s the best chance for me keeping it all in memory: An important song will always remind me of something, a state of mind, an event, a sensation, a feeling, a day, a location, a person... Maybe as much as - or somtimes even more! - than a photo.
My top (I-will-survive-) tracks are unequivocally, crystal-clear...in first row these 2:

4hero - Bed Of Roses : featuring that under-skin-going vocals by Jody Watley!
Soulwax - Too Many DJ's : A song discovered by chance the evening before my first exam. So agitating and energetic and with that kind of drama(turgy) I love!

So, Soulwax and 4hero enriched my time soooooo clearly.
Not new is, that I´m still gravely infected by the !!!-virus and I was at that time (the period when all people were going to the Oktoberfest or having a beer anywhere else under the blue sky, leaves turning red - everyone but me). My top-tracks/artits underline it obviously - there must be something very intense, a
strong (unconscient?) connection between those explanation mark guys´output and me:

!!! - Shitscheissemerde (Part 1)
(is to say -according to the CD booklet THREE seperate faecal words...:P: Shit Scheisse Merde): (= my thesis, haha) I still NEVER skip that song! That IS astonishing - even for a beats-on-repeat (til anyone gets mad) person like me. Quite the reverse! It made me start playing the drums a bit (!). Hell, I love that SHIT! :-)

Anyway, it´s to say that not..
!!! - All My Heroes Are Weirdos : But certainly a lot!

Additionally I´d say I always stick to my musical identity. But it varies in details! I came back to Indie in 2006 - already mentionned. I`ve always loved electro/NuJazz/broken beats/idm/DnB/whateveryoutaggedit. So why not get those two styles a bit closer together?
I´d say I´m not the typical "kaiser chiefs"-indie freak. No, that IS a fact, that I´m not. So it´s just logical to mix it up a bit. ! Or not? How do you call it? I still can´t (and don´t want) to pigeonhole. I´m bad in tagging fine style differences. But what is it, being totally into The Sunshine Underground (still! forever!...), completely-totally into !!!, Soulwax and Hot Hot Heat AND ...(!): Rufus Wainwright?? The only singer/songwriter I feel kind of attracted to (haha!), which doesn´t anyhow agree with the rest of my musical preferences.. among that Riot in Belgium - La Musique (Adam Sky Remix) that I´m really appreciative of people not digging it (like I did. Caused by having a listen to on that cool Chikinki gig in September)

That is actually my taste.

I need(ed) Beady Belle like water, I love that scandivian stuff like Nuspirit Helsinki and Wibutee.
What would be my day without that sound-story-telling-atmospheric experience created by Amon Tobin?
And, that is a new highlight, as we just talk about brillant brazilians:

I noticed I need that south-american spirit, that guitars and percussions made rhythm surrounding velvety portuguese vocals by Marisa Monte or Vanessa da Mata.
Dança da solidão,
Ainda Lembro,
or Joãozinho
are some favourited tracks that.. well.. stood by my side during my hardest times!
Some of that stuff reached me by airmail - (again) the day before my first exam (an enormous thank you to Fredinho!!:-)

I was about to say some lines above that music became more important in more ways. It all really began in 2007 - the "active" part. I wrote about my trip to the Sunshine Underground concert in Santa Pola which I did alone and on unfavourable terms. That was my personal kick-off to prioritize in some cases: Do I really want to miss a concert for which I would barely sell my soul to see it -just because I´m the only freak(??) around and cannot activate my friends coming along with me? I made the decision the first time in
May 2007 and I made it once:
Damn it, no, never! I´m fully grown and I must do what I must do!
Done so various times, see above, here, below, check soon, to be announced, be aware!...
Voxtrot - something new, really nice. And I had nice company (the last time since then).

Hot Hot Heat - so damn good! A must! I went alone and got back home with company: joy and a drumstick! :-)
What else?

The perfect Maxïmo Park Concert in October didn´t do no harm to the oral exam I had the following day!
Same with..

Klaxons: Ok, I was quite curious, it was good, that´s all.

Dear Rufus: You´re an actress! You have a brillant band, too. And for you all and that concEATRE in the Herkules Saal I paid a lot more than for the other gigs.
Having a seat. Amazed. Me alone. Cause I stopped asking around. And I don´t care. Aslong as I still have friends, hahaha...

Last but not least (a must-category) I´m so glad I discovered Pull Tiger Tail (a highlight!!)-just one word/title that says what (tenor?)all their tracks bare:
Animator !!,
Thanks to Air Traffic, Portugal. The Man, Radio 4, Emiliana Torrini (for their music or simply being there) and that I finally proved to myself the persistent suspicion I had since months.. that I´m really deeply into Amy Winehouse´s vocals (uuuuuuh!!) and (!) lyrics, such as:
In My Bed
You sent me flying
Stronger than me
Ooooooh yes!!

Parts of my life changed - officially. I´ve done what I needed to and it went well. It could have been worth a little ceremony. But our university doesn´t give a shit. So I decided to do so either. ...
I started the new music/concert year 2008 with Datarock in February.

Extraordinary for me. I really was amazed, so energetic, danceable/funky and indie-spiced AND funny at the same time, = ace!!!
I knew where I had to go/see/listen to - with company / extra-style or not, what I had to do concerning music. In the rest of my life it takes more to get a clear decision, but my music-based-behaviour is a good pusher and confirms me in having a try elsewhere...


  • homegrown

    [i]In the rest of my life it takes more to get a clear decision, but my music-based-behaviour is a good pusher and confirms me in having a try elsewhere...[/i] word! sehr, sehr weise worte! und cool, dass ich als nice company durchgehe ;)

    Mar 10 2008, 15:53
  • majox

    sehr schön gemacht!

    Apr 16 2008, 9:26
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