Jamie Lidell; Blackalicious; Nu Jazz Volume 2 compilation


Set 28 2005, 23:23

Howdy! This week's additions to the library areJamie Lidell's Multiply, Blackalicious' The Craft, and a "new" compilation from Wagram, Nu Jazz Volume 2.

Jamie Lidell's Multiply is great. It lives up to the hype. It's like listening to 40 years of soul music condensed into 40 minutes (yes, it's that short), but sliced, diced, and filtered through 2005 Berlin underground break pop sensibilities. Every track is strong, but I especially gravitate to "When I come back around", "Music will not last" (which had previously been released a remix of Herbert's "The Audience"), and "New me". Recommended. Four and a half stars.

The 2005 album from Blackalicious is The Craft, released yesterday. It continues their evolution of almost-commercial-but-still-underground optimistic San Fran hip hop. Gift Of Gab's rhymes are dense and intelligent without ever being condescending. Chief Xcel's music and production are funky and eclectic, without sampling other people's records. Four stars.

French label Wagram has released another compilation - Nu Jazz Volume 2, subtitled "A Selection Of Rare Electro Tunes With A Jazz Flavour". Since when are Llorca's Indigo Blues, Jazzanova's No Use, Herbert's Suddenly, Tosca's Pyjama, or St. Germain's Deep In It (from 1995!) considered rare!?!?! (no, they're not remixes, just the album versions) Nevertheless there was a lot of stuff on here I didn't have previously, and the price was right, so I picked it up. And it was worthwhile - the highlights are new tracks from Jefferson, Diesler, Benjamin Devigne, Verna Francis, and Benny Sings, none of whom I was familiar with before. All in all, this exceeded my expectations. Four stars.

PS I feel a bit self-conscious that I'm reviewing all this stuff quite favourably. Please consider that I'm reviewing music I actually chose to buy based on an expectation of liking it. I'm not reviewing any old thing I was sent or assigned to write about. I'm writing about music I love for those who are interested in my musical taste!

PPS That "PS" may have to be re-broadcast from time to time!


  • AngryFish

    I wholeheartedly agree with your critique of Lidell's latest album. His first album Muddlin Gear is in my humble opinion almost unlistenable, which provides a stark contrast to this 40 minutes of pure gold. It's almost like Prince & Kraftwerk made an album with Otis Redding handling vocal duties :) Listen to Redding's On the Dock of the Bay.

    Ott 21 2005, 21:11
  • Fidgital

    Heh heh - great concept album you've got there! I haven't checked out Lidell's back catalogue, but thanks for the warning!

    Ott 24 2005, 5:23
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