• Disco?

    Nov 15 2007, 14:55

    Over the last three months, I've come to a rather gradual realization. You probably won't agree with me, but here it is: Nights On Broadway is the ultimate pop single. Ever.

    Damn right, I said it. No, it didn't hit number one at any point in time, and it's certainly not the most recognizable Bee Gees song (ten points if you can name the one that is), but dammit if it doesn't appeal to every part of my limited pop appreciation sensibilities. Ask around: Chance are every third person you know can sing the chorus or hum the bassline.

    Not what you expected from a first journal entry from me, is it? An extended bit in praise of the Clash, Beatles, or Doors would be more characteristic of me based on my playcount. But screw that. They've been praised enough for everyone on the planet. Nobody wants to hear it AGAIN.