Profile Changes: 1st February 2012


Gen 31 2012, 13:10

I am still here, now at the big 2500!

So because of this the profile has been updated once more, so whats new???

First buh-bye 1k badge & hello 2.5k badge!

Next is a minor update to my stats badge, I have included the play-count (see the background for total played tracks) & in fairness to the creator I have linked it to his site (so you can make your own).

Time for the Milestones, in this update there are 4!

The main being the 2500th track played & I love the fact that it is my girl Pixie Lott!

2500th track
Pixie Lott - Kiss the Stars
(30 January 2012)

I would like to take this time to do a little plug, you can follow Pixie Lott on Twitter: @PixieSongs & become a fan of her on Facebook: & while I am on the subject remember I too am on Twitter: @FHL09.

The next 3 Milestones are Special Track Milestones & they are as follows (Remember the heading explains the significanic)

Last Track Played In 2011
Beyoncé - Countdown
(31 December 2011 at 10:22pm)

1st Track Played In 2012
Glee Cast - Glee - Rumor Has It & Someone Like You
(1 January 2012 at 4:21am)

23/04th track (My Birthday & Month)
DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)
(02 January 2012)

Further added was the spot for the 3000th Milestone...

3000th track
Place your bets!
(?? ?? ????)

Based on my increased listening habits the 3000th played track will be sprung upon ya soon!

Among changes to my profile I have also changed my scrobbling ways, I now gone official with the Official Last.FM Android Application:

This is great news for friends following my listening habits because its bug-free so no missed scrobbles & it tells you if I am currently listening to anything & if so it will state what I am listening too!

I have also updated my profile picture!

So that's all for now, see you at track 3000 (or maybe sooner depending on if I think of any special milestones).

To close this off I will leave you with this video, just so you can truly see Pixie Lott's incredible voice & understand why I support her as much as I do!


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