recommended radio - you could be better, though... (May 2012)


Mag 26 2012, 16:13

the story to this will come soon, I'm collecting these to find a pattern (if there's one)...
problems I still have or had in the past:
- does not play at all, msg: not enough content
- plays only few songs
- ...

tracks from my recommended radio:

2012-05-28: stopped myself after 2h-session
GharamHabeni Wa Habetouh
SweetbackYou Will Rise
Ali GüvenYolcu
Clauda ChemaliD ainalak Biss adeh
Dana HalabiTak moot
GhadyRedd Alay
Kari AmirianAnew
SweetbackSoftly Softly
Kari AmirianThe Winter Is Back
Natasza UrbańskaBlow over
Madox feat. PawbeatsOn And On
Nabil AjramLeish M'azebny
Kari AmirianMy Favourite Part
Clauda ChemaliRwq Aly
HeyI'll marry duet with JongSin Yoon
MadoxA l'hôpital
Anwar El AmirEshta'telloh
Ramona ReySkarb
Maria PeszekMoje miasto
Anita LipnickaCar Door
Maria PeszekNie mam czasu na seks
Karolina KozakBez pytania
AniaSound Of Silence
Karolina KozakMimochodem

2012-05-27: I'm surprised... today was quite a long session possible:
"no more content"
Annie VilleneuveQuand je ferme les yeux
Annie VilleneuveToi et moi
AlizéeVeni Vedi Vici
RobertPrincesse de rien
AlizéeToc de mac
RobertL'appel de la succube (though skipped before, plays again)
RobertL'appel de la succube
Najoua BelyzelCombien de fois
Najoua BelyzelDenis
Blien VesneRendir
Eliane MahfouzTes'al Alay

"no more content"
Cécile CorbelBrian Boru
NIcky AstriaKu Ingin

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