's neighbour system needs time (to be understood)


Apr 16 2011, 18:09

Update 2011-04-26:
strangely cantonese_opera has with 3 plays for just 1 artist already 50 neighbours.
The library just contains 14 artists which is e.g. a small subset of . There are other accounts which are also a subset of the chinese opera and have way more plays and artists in library than this account.
Perhaps it's some internal caching problem

original journal article:

see Ash_211 (1 play only, 9 artists in library) and has already 50 neighbours
see baltazarmolina (0 plays, 17 artists in library) and has 2 neighbours

I know of at least 4 accounts which have 100-400plus plays, much more in total artists and they have after 1-2 weeks still no neighbours (ask me, and I provide you the details, e.g. 1 or 2).

Perhaps it is that there is no one around with similar taste?
Doubting this, I am at least their neighbour since my compatibility is pretty good (and from what I know there is definitely more than me as neighbour).

Is it a time factor?
Since baltazarmolina's account exists April 2009 + Ash_211's since Nov. 2010. Perhaps they had also at begin no neighbour?

I have recently the opinion that new accounts should have soon a neighbours list generated. I mean give the new users a place to start. Ok, they can play tags or similar artists or mix radio and such, but you know how it is: finding a good tag can also take time, similar artists often works bad for me(, not sure how mix radio would work for a new user)...

Well, the neighbours list should be good, so creating a bad list is also counterproductive :-(
A dilemma...
How about giving the user a feedback possibility?
If the user does not like some of the neighbours, she should be able to click somewhere and the system provides some other so-called neighbours. This would not only benefit the user but all users and then also

Work in progress...

see also: Do you have examples how categorizes you?


  • Grazikon

    That feedback possibility is something I thought of before. If you think a user shouldn't be in your neighbours, then you could click an x like you can with the recommendations. That way last fm could feedback on how well their algorithm is working and how to do it better.

    Apr 17 2011, 0:09
  • charlslee

    Simply because of the variety of music you listen to. Those guys you mentioned first only listen to chinese opera.

    Apr 26 2011, 17:43
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    Thanks for your feedback, I've added a table above to illustrate this better (sort criteria: date). My expectation may be wrong, but I expect at least Chinese Opera as neigbour (because it has all the other variants), perfectly also me also + ideally I know 2 other users who I've seen while adding songs fro the above users. The last two accounts in the table are Korean music flavor: gugak incorporating all from haegeum. Well, my expectation as human is probably not same as the's, but well...

    Apr 26 2011, 18:30
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    I must try the group artist matcher for some new accounts with artists I get by this tool - let's see...

    Nov 3 2011, 23:43
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