• Mos Def .. Auditorium

    Lug 28 2009, 5:02

    I've been hooked on the song "Auditorium" off of Mos Def's latest album. At first I thought it was Madlib (erator's) beat that hooked me, but I realize it is Slick Rick's verse that got me! Besides his unique delivery, he just has a way of pulling you into his songs allowing you to witness the story as it unfolds. The Elvis of Bagdad (ha ha)
  • Three year Anniversary

    Lug 30 2008, 17:18

    As of July 21, I turned 3 yrs. old here on Last.fm. I realized however that since I do most of my music listening during my daily commute, I don't get the opportunity to update my information here that much. So for a while, I'm going to take some time during the day while at work to let my music play. I'm really curious to see what'll change.